Traducción de donnybrook en Español:


gresca, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɑniˌbrʊk/ /ˈdɒnɪbrʊk/

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    gresca femenino
    barahúnda femenino
    • People were accused of entering into the donnybrook without experience, knowledge, good faith, rationality, sobriety or even their own hitherto recognisable identities.
    • It will be interesting to see whether the ‘public use’ issue becomes a factor in the donnybrook that is brewing over the next Supreme Court nominee.
    • He was more upbeat, feeling the donnybrook had cleared the air.
    • Based on the Sunday morning talk shows, it appears that the nomination will be a donnybrook.
    • His impassioned diatribes are laced with the queasy petulance of someone who already knows he's lost the fight, going to the mat with a whine instead of a real donnybrook.
    • But a donnybrook is brewing between those that offer the new services and those that need to protect their old technology.
    • The race for a successor is a three-way donnybrook where anything could happen - including the election of another Independent.
    • This donnybrook marked the end of an unbroken series of six Republican presidential victories that reached back to Abraham Lincoln's first win in 1860.
    • What, then, is the alternative to a donnybrook?
    • Although the third man in the contest had been overshadowed by the megadollar donnybrook being waged by the frontrunners, the press had not forgotten him.
    • But even a donnybrook might be better than stone-cold silence.
    • I braced myself for the all-time donnybrook of our marriage.
    • Direct confrontation - verbal or otherwise - may only succeed in sparking a fan-on-fan donnybrook.
    • Nothing like a little donnybrook to build a bit of team spirit.
    • Only the intervention of the local constabulary prevented a full-scale donnybrook.
    • I believe that if you're going to have a loud public hissy snit with a total stranger you have the obligation to eventually let it escalate into a shrieking, hair-pulling, rolling-on-the-ground donnybrook and really give the crowd a show.
    • Because we work at a think tank that studies workplace issues, we had ringside seats at what became an all-too-typical Washington donnybrook in which the special interests prevailed over the public interest.
    • This stylistic donnybrook - one of hip-hop's most distinctive - has been met with equal parts approbation and bafflement.
    • Funding isn't the only political donnybrook in the offing when the renewal of welfare reform is debated next year.
    • ‘Scramble’ is the right word for this donnybrook.