Traducción de donor card en español:

donor card

tarjeta de donante, n.


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    tarjeta de donante femenino
    • He carried an organ donor card and following his death his family told doctors they wished to comply with his wishes and make any of his organs available for others.
    • He as a pathologist has contributed to organ and tissue procurement and carries an organ donor card.
    • First, make sure you're listed as an organ donor on your driver's license, and remember to carry an organ donor card as well.
    • All relatives were asked whether the patient carried a donor card or had expressed a wish to donate organs, including corneas.
    • Nobody should have any regrets about carrying a donor card because your organs are no use to you after your death.
    • She said even though people may carry a donor card next of kin consent still has to be given.
    • The focus if this annual life saving campaign is to seek support from the pubic in highlighting the ongoing need for organ donation for transplantation, encouraging more people to carry an organ donor card.
    • It is also important to carry your donor card with you at all times.
    • Her first kidney was donated from a deceased person who was carrying a organ donor card.
    • Many others already carry a donor card but unless they turn this into a lasting record by joining the register, their wishes may not be fulfilled.
    • If you haven't done it already, fill out an organ donor card and carry it in your wallet.
    • The campaign aims to help people make an informed choice about carrying an organ donor card.
    • Do your parents have advance directives, such as a living will, an organ donor card or a do-not-resuscitate order?
    • People who carry a donor card are also urged to sign up too.
    • I carried a donor card and my children were even asked for my organs.
    • If you don't already carry a donor card, why not make it a New Year's resolution to carry one.
    • Another 26 percent reported they intended to donate, but had not yet signed a donor card or indicated their wishes on their driver's license.
    • Carrying a donor card only shows a personal intention to give your organs.
    • Yesterday, the day before his funeral, his father confirmed the family had donated his son's organs, even though he didn't carry a donor card.
    • We weren't donors before, but we are now and want to encourage more people to carry a donor card as it could save lives.