Translation of doomsday in Spanish:


día del Juicio Final, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdumzˌdeɪ/ /ˈduːmzdeɪ/


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    día del Juicio Final masculine
    the doomsday scenario lo más terrible que podría suceder
    • But those doomsdays were the product of faith; reason always used to say the world will continue.
    • And if this situation is allowed to continue, it won't be long before the aggressive human species are the only creatures on the planet and surely that will be the doomsday of planet Earth.
    • Global warming, they have been telling us for years, will prove to be man's undoing, man creating his own doomsday.
    • But the media portrayal of its collapse will suggest doomsday is upon us, and to the extent that we typically consult the media today more than ourselves or our neighbours, we are likely to be swept up in the breathless alarm.
    • ‘Greetings from the Nevada Test Site,’ it proclaimed, showing a collage of doomsday clouds floating above a scraggly desert.
    • That it will probably never work is one of those silly technicalities that shouldn't stand in the way of us investing our time and resources in something that we want to believe will protect us from doomsday.
    • But for those in favour of retaining the current playing season - they are in the majority at present - the return of a winter schedule of matches would be equivalent to doomsday.
    • Ten years later he refined his vision with the gloomily satirical sequel, set almost entirely in a shopping mall the day after doomsday, with zombies as the ultimate docile consumers.
    • But as people have said in the past, there are a lot of teenagers out there who have talked about such things, about doomsday, and they don't carry it out.
    • I mean, it would have been doomsday if that happened.
    • It was like doomsday, rendering the local populace helpless as the tsunami leveled both regions' coastal areas in only ten minutes.
    • So in the last seven years, doomsday has been pushed back at least 13 years.
    • The only thing that is ‘inevitable’ is that these preparations for doomsday will waste our time and scare us witless.
    • Don't doomsday and alarmist theories need evidence to support their tenability, also?
    • You wouldn't expect scientists to agree on how and when doomsday will come, especially when the earth is still a mystery.
    • Behind these constant rehearsals for doomsday lies a deep paranoia.
    • Yet, there are people who argue as if doomsday is near at hand when they confront evidence of such increase.
    • And if that's the case then the scare stories will be just another doomsday that didn't dawn.
    • It is happening on some celebrity talk shows and it could be doomsday for channels in the long run.
    • Even for the urban couch potatoes addicted to the remote, this might not be doomsday.