Translation of door in Spanish:


puerta, n.

Pronunciation /dɔr/ /dɔː/

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  • 1

    puerta feminine
    (handle/key) (before noun) de la puerta
    to open/close / shut the door abrir/cerrar la puerta
    • to slam the door dar un portazo
    • front/back door puerta principal / de la calle/trasera / de atrás
    • she was at the door estaba en la puerta
    • doors open at six entrada a partir de las seis
    • let me show you to the door permítame que lo acompañe hasta la salida / puerta
    • there's someone at the door llaman a la puerta
    • to answer the door abrir la puerta
    • there's the door, you answer it están llamando, abre tú
    • to knock on / at sb's door llamar a la puerta de algn
    • don't come knocking at my door when it all goes wrong cuando todo salga mal no vengas a llamar a mi puerta
    • there are many young actors knocking at the door hay muchos actores jóvenes esperando una oportunidad
    • to lock the barn door after the horse is stolen tomar precauciones cuando ya es tarde / asno muerto, la cebada al rabo
    • to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted tomar precauciones cuando ya es tarde / asno muerto, la cebada al rabo
    • There's a sort of resolution when the vehicle stops, the doors are flung open and a shot is heard.
    • Use broom handles to wedge sliding glass doors shut.
    • The heavy double glass doors lead them into the office area.
    • Christopher released a deep breath and slightly shook his head as he unlocked the wooden double doors.
    • She unlocked the wooden door to the hotel room, sighing as she stepped inside.
    • Two sets of sliding patio doors lead to the conservatory.
    • The elevator doors slide open in front of us, giving me time to think about my next question.
    • I slid the closet door shut just as the room was illuminated with light.
    • The heavy oak doors slammed closed behind him, the noise echoing in the vast chamber.
    • The guard pointed to the chairs and left, the heavy oak door slamming behind him.
    • She quickly got up off the couch and walked towards the closed bedroom door.
    • They threw me back against the metal garage door hard.
    • Just as everything seemed peaceful, the locked doors swung open and slammed against the walls behind them.
    • After a minute, the patio door swung open.
    • Just before you get to the unlocked door at the end of the hall you will see a crate.
    • A dark chamber with a large oaken door at one end looks all the more malevolent in the flickering torchlight.
    • Their conversation was interrupted by the door creaking open.
    • I was interrupted yet again by the stupid door banging against the wall.
    • I crept along the cold wooden floor and saw that the door was ajar.
    • She had to take her door off the hinges to fit it inside her apartment.
  • 2

    (doorway, entrance)
    puerta feminine
    entrada feminine
    tickets are available at the door se pueden comprar las localidades en la puerta / a la entrada
    • Four long low tables lie to the left as you walk in the door.
    • Customers are offered a drink soon after they walk through the doors.
    • Walking through the doors is not quite like stepping into one of those little tavernas, it has to be said.
    • Putting on their new album is like walking through the doors of a bar and being hit by the buzz of a band at full tilt.
    • Our aim is to please and enchant each and very patron who walks through the doors.
    • Okay, it might be consistently bad, but at least you know what to expect when you walk through the doors.
    • When I walked through the doors I was clean and smart and keen to get on a ladder for a career in nursing.
    • Walking through the hallowed doors you are greeted by the creme de la creme of beauty products.
    • You never know what task is going to be thrown at you when you walk through the office doors.
    • You slip your coat on, walk out the door and into the waiting arms of store security.
    • Then between five and six he's out the door for a walk or on the exercise machine for a workout.
    • He just slammed through the door and just walked straight over to where my teller was.
    • We kept expecting him to walk through the door with a big smile on his face, talking about his adventure.
    • When he walks in the door, he reads a simple red and white document that's on his desk.
    • The first thing that struck me when I walked through the door was the average age of the clientele.
    • He'll walk through the door with a bunch of seasonal flowers in his hands which he proffers with a kiss.
    • I rise from the chair, take off the glasses, flick the lightswitch on and walk out of the door.
    • I go through a door and walk past the second pool, which is exactly the same, if a little grander.
    • But as soon as he walked through the door he was summoned to the office and sent home.
    • To leave the game last night, you had to pass through a revolving metal door.
  • 3

    (room, building)
    puerta feminine
    he lives two doors down vive dos casas más allá
  • 4

    (means of access)
    puerta feminine
    a door to a better life una puerta a un futuro mejor