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dormitorio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɔrməˌtɔri/ /ˈdɔːmɪt(ə)ri/

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nombreplural dormitories

  • 1

    (in school, hostel)
    dormitorio masculino
    dormitory town ciudad dormitorio
    • dormitory suburb barrio dormitorio
    • Before mass started, the First Lady toured the school and saw her former class room and the dormitory where she used to sleep.
    • Inmates sleep in either bedrooms or dormitories and there is no lock down at night.
    • In 1879 another wing was added to the school with extra dormitories and classrooms.
    • Four film crews followed them as they were put through their paces in the austere classrooms and spartan dormitories by real teachers.
    • A tense atmosphere permeated the school's airy corridor, the classroom, and dormitories.
    • ‘I refused to talk to him on the phone, then he spoke to my classmates who shared the dormitory with me,’ she said.
    • Priests were streaming out of rooms everywhere, many chambers obviously serving as dormitories.
    • Families of up to five are made to share one room, while single men live in dormitories.
    • I'm nothing but what a child becomes when he's educated at military school, lives in dormitories all his life, and has what amounts to dozens of fathers without a single mother to call his own.
    • The great hall was divided into three parts, with one outside aisle used as a dormitory, another for schooling and eating and the centre aisle given over to a workroom.
    • I ran up to the school dormitory, and I called the nun sleeping there and told her to get the girls up.
    • Because of this, many children live in the dormitory of their school during the week.
    • The others were dormitories when the school was in session.
    • The prison now houses category ‘C’ prisoners in its cells and dormitories.
    • Local youth hostels too provide bed and breakfast for £14 or more, depending on the choice of a dormitory or a room.
    • Room rates are from $4 for dormitory accommodation to $19 for en-suite double room with fan.
    • The girls who usually shared the dormitory with me were at a late dinner with some of their friends.
    • We wanted to build a dormitory on the back of our house because there were so many kids.
    • Down the years the latter used it as an agricultural exhibition hall, a school dormitory and a hospital ward.
    • The centre can supposedly accommodate up to 100 women and dependent children in what are overcrowded communal dormitories.
    • Players hang out together and reside in college campus dormitories.
    • Two weeks later I was living in a dormitory at the University, dating fraternity boys and trying to figure out why I hated it so much.
    • Reducing environmental noise while one is trying to sleep can be particularly challenging - especially in university dormitories.
    • Participants were recruited in the libraries and dormitories of a major university in Hong Kong in 1999.
    • People entering the City see the new high-rise science building, the new dormitories, the new University Center, and the new library and know that they are first class.
    • The campers are staying in the university dormitory, and have most of their meals on campus.
    • At first glance the office resembles nothing so much as a college dormitory room.
    • They're generally the size of the refrigerator used in college dormitory rooms or hotel rooms.
    • Players hang out together and reside in college campus dormitories.
    • The university is proposing to build a new dormitory.
    • Determinedly, I wiped them away and began walking towards the girls' dormitories.
    • She would have to sneak over to the boys' dormitory without getting caught.
    • Similar measures were taken at the student dormitories of two universities and a construction site.
    • The main school was two times the size of the student dormitory.
    • The campers are staying in the university dormitory, and have most of their meals on campus.
    • Apart from several hostels offering dormitory accommodation there are many so called ' bed and breakfast ' hotels.
    • A new dormitory building was designed to embrace the natural setting.
    • The three dormitories house 216 students, and a fourth building has common areas and recreational facilities.
    • The dormitory housed over 130 students, but was designed to hold half that number.
    • The college boasts two new dormitories and a fairly new recreation center, which features an indoor track.
  • 2EEUU

    (students' residence)
    residencia de estudiantes femenino
    colegio mayor masculino España