Translation of dosser in Spanish:


vagabundo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɑsər/ /ˈdɒsə/

See Spanish definition of vagabundo


  • 1

    vagabundo masculine
    vagabunda feminine
    • He knew that the ruling class are in some ways as much outsiders as vagrants and dossers, which is why the landowner has a sneaking sympathy for the poacher.
    • He could have chosen to do other, less famous people, and has done that on many occasions, such as dossers and other working-class figures.
    • Who else would buy up 6250 cans, only to give all the cans away to dossers?
    • The bus skirted the town, passing a cluster of dossers drinking out of brown paper bags.
    • Alighting from a shuttle bus, the merry band of revellers spot a dosser lying prone and fully concealed under a blanket inside a bus shelter.
  • 2

    manta masculine, feminine Spain informal
    vago masculine
    vaga feminine
    flojo masculine informal
    floja feminine informal
    • There had been an exchange of insults between them with allegations of each being a dosser.
    • For incompetents and dossers prosper only at the expense of good workers.
    • I sat there fearing the worse on day one and envisaged all the stereotype dossers sitting in my class.
    • He was a joker, and I was a dosser - always having a laugh, not taking it seriously either.
    • Now it turns out I have to co-ordinate strikes and represent these dossers.