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punto, n.

Pronunciación /dɑt/ /dɒt/

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    punto masculino
    dot dot dot puntos suspensivos
    • Cells marked with similar colored dots moved collectively in the same direction forming domain-like structures on the collagen gel.
    • These also serve well as night sights with three tritium round dots, one on each side of the rear notch and one in the face of the front sight.
    • Mark the point that these two lines intersect with a piece of tape or a round dot.
    • But then I look at the book more closely and spot the raised dots of Braille.
    • Other colored dots and lines deliver additional data used in controlling the aircraft.
    • Ruh verified this by showing me her arms which were almost completely spotted with red dots.
    • Then suddenly the dot would disappear, and the task would change: now participants had to identify the spot where the dot disappeared.
    • They can pull up a map of the area and see friendlies on it as colored dots.
    • Experts also suggest to pay attention to the color spots and dots on your tires.
    • Gray dots on the colored lines show estimated positions of QTL peaks.
    • Stanislav Nikirev uses millions of pencil dots on paper to depict the temple.
    • First, the scientists used dots to mark near points and far points.
    • Identical amino acids are denoted by asterisks, and conservative changes are marked by dots.
    • The line shows the spectral boundary which is obtained by connecting the loci of spectral lights, marked by the dots in steps of 10 nm.
    • The six green arrows point to the same spot on each of six light-traces; those marked with a blue dot are very faint, and need close examination to be seen.
    • To identify the focal male in each dyad, each randomly selected competitor was marked with a dot of white paint the evening prior to the trials.
    • Place the item flat on a work surface and mark a dot at the embroidery center.
    • Transfer any construction marks - notches, dots, etc. - to the garment pieces.
    • I assume the ridges and dots marking the stones are designed to warn the pedestrian of upcoming hazards such as intersections and obstacles.
    • You can look at the social atlas of Sydney and see twelve bright red dots on the map.
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    (in Morse code)
    punto masculino
    dot dash dot punto raya punto
    • Today, when we think of telegraphs we think of electric telegraphs, we think of wires and Morse code and dots and dashes and telegrams and that sort of thing.
    • Morse Code uses a series of dots and dashes to transmit and receive messages.
    • Perhaps the most famous coding is Morse Code, which converts letters of the alphabet into series of dots and dashes.
    • People often speak or write Morse code using words ‘Dit’ (or Di) for a dot and ‘Dah’ for a dash.
    • Tapping out dots and dashes can sometimes be easier for people with physical or speech impediments.

verbo transitivo dotting, dotted, dotted

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    (add dot)
    • A dotted half note has a dot behind it to make it three beats not two beats.
    • It contains a recurring rhythm of sixteenth, dotted sixteenth and thirty-second notes that is difficult to discern.
    • Together with the consistent use of dotted and syncopated rhythms they become hallmarks of Skalkottas's musical language.
    • Tom is still performing, taking time each day to keep up with his dotted quavers and four beat notes.
    • As discussed in the Textual Notes, below, attention needs to be given to rhythmic interpretation where dotted notes occur.
    • How you connect letters, how you dot the ‘i’ and cross the ‘t’ all says something about you.
    • I mainly scribbled and doodled his name in bubble letters with little hearts dotting the i's.
    • She doesn't look up; I watch the pen jab the paper with each letter she dots and crosses.
    • Of course, letters of intent aren't official until head coaches dot the Is and double-cross the Ts.
    • Her handwritten letters come with the i's dotted and the t's crossed by George.
    • Laurie kept the smile on her face, writing back in her signature handwriting where she dotted her i's with hearts.
  • 2dotted past participle

    • 2.1

      (line) de puntos
      to sign on the dotted line firmar sobre la línea de puntos
      • cut along the dotted line corte por la línea punteada / de puntos
      • By six the predicted rain began to dot the windows.
      • Hypericum's leaves are dotted with translucent spots, making it appear perforated.
      • Younger, newer roots are dotted with small reddish-brown spots.
      • Patches of blue slowly began to dot the gray sky.
      • All around the globe, they are beginning to dot the land and the sea.
      • The old, washed-out white tents began to dot the promenade like the annoying blight on my ixora plants.
      • Some bits of plaster from the ceiling dots the shirt and her hair.
      • As the sun sinks lower into the abyss, the sea and sky soften to a dark wine, stars begin to dot the heavens, and black waves crash onto the shore, the scent of salt and evening flowers heavy in the air.
      • She thought about this as stars began to dot the darkening sky.
      • The carpet was probably once an off white color, but now it was gray and dotted with mysterious brown spots.
      • The film exhibits some nasty damage and smearing in places, showing far more of its age than one should reasonably expect, with white flecks and odd watermarks dotting the transfer.
      • Freckles dotted her complexion, and her posture and carriage were beautiful from years of dancing.
      • He also noticed the small and barely visible freckles that dotted the bridge of her nose.
      • Her face was dotted with faint freckles and she wore a pale pink blush over the faded spots.
      • As stars began to appear and dot the night sky, she decided to take up her books and move to the Library.
      • After a brief struggle, we got some concealer on his face to cover up the freckles that dotted his nose.
      • The twist-up pencil point lets you dot concealer exactly on the spot without hitting the surrounding skin.
      • He could count each and every freckle that dotted her nose.
      • Tiny freckles dotted her upper cheeks and her nose.
      • To camouflage spots, dip a clean cotton bud into a concealer that matches your skin tone and dot on the spot.

    • 2.2

      (quaver/crotchet/minim) con puntillo

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    (scatter, intersperse)
    her family is dotted about all over Europe su familia está desperdigada por toda Europa
    • Various Catholic and Protestant churches dotted the area as well.
    • The route soon turns into hairpin bends where the area is dotted with tea estates.
    • What options face the smaller churches that dot the landscape of North America?
    • Scattered dead and living Porites coral colonies dot these areas.
    • Heaps of bananas, pumpkins, ash and snake gourds, cucumber, bitter gourd and brinjal dotted the market area.
    • As you make your way west of Funchal and into the countryside, the landscape changes and the area is dotted with houses that cling to the side of hills.
    • This gets more interesting if you are learning to bicycle near one of those parks that dot every residential area.
    • Some of the architectural gems are the many churches that dot the landscape.
    • There are also 10 disabled fishing bays, as well as a number of picnic tables dotted about the scenic area.
    • Instead, I've been conducting posses of excited children around the re-opened amusement parks that dot our area.
    • This can be seen in the more than 500 villas dotting the area, mostly built in a European style.
    • The Chesapeake Bay area is dotted with historic towns - ancient by US standards.
    • Evidence of campfires dot the area, obviously the ‘bushers’ like to be comfortable while indulging themselves.
    • The park was dotted with children in uniforms, running from pillar to post, hastily jotting down squiggles in their little notebooks.
    • Step back from the looking glass and the room is dotted with knick-knacks of Australiana.
    • Termite mounds dot the roadside, rising in vertical shafts to tapering points, each one a tiny architectural marvel, a many-towered Camelot.
    • Motorists found themselves searching for spaces at spots dotted around the centre.
    • A handful of gold shirts were dotted amongst the crowds as Australian fans turned out to join in the praise of Clive Woodward's squad.
    • Officers will be dotted around the ground to spot known hooligans.
    • His heartland is the west of Scotland, particularly Glasgow, which is dotted with his Ashoka restaurants like a tablecloth flecked in korma sauce.