Translation of dot-com in Spanish:


sitio web, n.

Pronunciation /dɑtˈkɑm/ /dɒtˈkɒm/


  • 1

    (internet site)
    sitio web masculine
  • 2

    (internet company)
    puntocom feminine
    punto com feminine
    dot-com millionaire millonario puntocom / punto com
    • dot-com revolution revolución de las puntocom / punto com
    • New companies that work solely through the Internet, especially the dot-coms, have a distinctive style.
    • However, pure-play dot-coms are challenged to attract customers during the holidays without breaking the bank.
    • In the light-speed world of dot-coms, few corporate managers have time to wait for a warehouse to be built.
    • Investors reason that the flood of dot.coms will need to employ data mining to make their business models work, if they are not doing so already.
    • These entrepreneurs don't view their businesses as strict dot-coms: many disparage the term.
    • Both traditional brick-and-mortar firms and start-up dot.coms use Vignette's software to create and manage online customer relationships.
    • But many dot.coms have a business model which, when it is understood, is easily imitated.
    • On the flip side, tons of dot-coms went out of business because they followed fads that they thought were permanent market changes.
    • When it comes to marketing health care, dot-coms have already found a prescription for success.
    • We did not invest in any dot.coms or internet incubators.
    • He was referring to the business model all too many dot.coms employed - to enrich investors through rising share prices rather than profits.
    • In San Francisco, Silicon Valley's siren call has lured restaurant employees to dot.coms that pay more than the $7-8 an hour earned by the average kitchen crew.
    • Traditional retail giants, once threatened by unknown dot.coms with a growing on-line customer base, have now begun flexing their brand muscle in cyberspace.
    • In particular, dot.coms, technology and financial service firms, the drivers of the new economy, are expected to have significant impact during this year's upfront.
    • Today their horizons include Silicon Valley and dot-coms.
    • Such matchmaking is increasingly common as dot-coms duke it out for seasoned financial expertise.
    • Once the spot is contracted, dot-coms often have to guarantee it immediately and with cash.
    • The dot-coms may be dropping like flies, but the Internet can still turbocharge a traditional company's sales.
    • In short, the so-called new economy and online dot-coms are more than magazine-cover trendy.
    • Initially, like most dot-coms, the company poured big money into brand building.