Traducción de dot matrix en español:

dot matrix

matriz de puntos, n.


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    matriz de puntos femenino
    dot-matrix printer impresora matricial
    • The clear 1.5 inch dot matrix LCD screen is nicely illuminated at will.
    • Often, the illustration will turn out to be something we know barely exists these days, a sort of symbolic graphic representation of an email complete with dot matrix typeface and unripped fanfold.
    • This is a talking, laptop-style, battery-operated, electronic learning aid with an alphanumeric keyboard and a full dot matrix LCD screen which provides clear animated pictures.
    • Rather than focus on emulating a real pinball machine with the dot matrix LED displays, the developers here have taken full advantage of a PC environment by incorporating the bonus games into mini-pinball boards onscreen.
    • In the late eighties, most personal computer users had a dot matrix impact printer.
    • The tradeoff, though, is that portable devices feature smaller displays, so the user either has to give up some information - a dot matrix graph, for example - or live with displays that can only be viewed up close.
    • If you use a computer and printer, do not submit low-resolution dot matrix print-outs; they will not be read.
    • Basically, when a user wants to print something from UNIX, he can either print to a dot matrix or laser printer in the system room, or to a printer in his room, which may be connected to his PC or Windows-shared.
    • Warehouse dockets are a good example - the impact of the dot matrix daisywheel will go through layers of paper to make additional copies.
    • Every vehicle has a budget that they need to meet and there is only so much they want to spend on a cluster, yet we want to start adding things like dot matrix displays, so you can get more functionality than you have today.
    • The use, for instance of dot matrix information boards is helpful for the deaf who cannot hear station and train announcements.
    • ‘This process utilizes continuous tone printing vs. a dot matrix approach,’ Flynn said.
    • Improvements include more dot matrix indicators giving information on the tube, induction loops in ticket halls and platforms, and an updated visual display system on the bus network.
    • ‘The City’ by Davina Hawthorn uses 3D prints and dot matrix patterns in both womenswear and menswear pieces.
    • So the need for the flashing dot matrix sign below, was a bit, well, needless for us
    • There was a time, long ago that printers had ribbons and used dot matrix printing to create tiny dots that, when looked at, were readable.
    • Just 15 mm in depth, the company claims the products are the thinnest dot matrix displays available.
    • Over the doors of the other screens it told you the start time in dot matrix.
    • Since then, EPA and EU requirements, as well as functionality issues involving different demand-printing methods such as dot matrix, laser, and thermal transfer, have made label stocks stronger, thinner, and printer-friendly.
    • The dot matrix said fourteen minutes, and there were apologies for delays due to signalling problems, so I walked all the way back up to the taxi rank.