Traducción de dote en español:


Pronunciación /doʊt/ /dəʊt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to dote on sb adorar a algn
    • He is a 42-year-old father who dotes on his three children.
    • He was not my son Joshua's biological father but he doted on him and treated Joshua like his own son.
    • He appeared to be a father who doted on his children, especially his little girl.
    • Unlike Kafka, to whom he bears some resemblance, he doted on his father.
    • To be spoiled and doted on, to take over the bed and the floor and the path.
    • Most people dote on their grandchildren, spoiling them in the process.
    • He was a wonderful father, doting on everything, anything, his sons did.
    • Matt is already an accomplished quarter-midget driver, and his father dotes on him.
    • I knew from my Aunt Maria that my father had doted upon the beautiful Senorita shamelessly.
    • He was a strong, loving father who doted on his daughter maybe a little more than he should have.
    • I know your father doted on you and let you have free rein, but here I run a stricter household.
    • Her painfully shy, stuttering father doted on her while her more powerful mother spoiled her.
    • Elizabeth had doted on her, spoiled her, given her everything a little girl can want.
    • She said her boyfriend doted on baby Savannah and was a good father.
    • He worked, with a devoted anonymity, in the Museum of Modern Art's Department of Film, cataloguing and doting on the old movies entrusted to MoMA.
    • Quiet and unassuming, she has been doting on their first grandchild Sophie, who was born two weeks ago, while he has been preparing for the leadership battle.
    • Before feminism, stifling your personal ambitions in favor of doting on your husband was just a drawback to being a woman.
    • She works in a local beauty clinic, doting on people and trying to make them feel young and beautiful.
    • She was a lovely girl with a soft personality who doted on her grandchildren.
    • She doted on him and gave up work to stay at home and be with him.