Translation of doting in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdoʊdɪŋ/ /ˈdəʊtɪŋ/


  • 1

    his doting mother su madre, que lo adora
    • He frequently complimented her, playing the part of the doting husband to the hilt.
    • In at the birth of the peace process, Hayden remained a doting parent throughout the nineties.
    • He spent about four hours casting from various angles, without a hook, watching the trout with the eyes of a doting daddy.
    • At first glance, Brian seems like a normal doting father.
    • He tended to its every complaint with the attention of a doting mother to a sick child.
    • Fourteen years later, she's a fixture at the school, a doting first-grade teacher.
    • Gary, meanwhile, says he'd like nothing better than to be the doting grandparent of Greg's sons.
    • No doubt they broadly wished to please her, which would incidentally have disposed the doting King in their favour.
    • Bruno is a dissolute character who lives with his doting mother.
    • You are sure to lap up the special doting treatment emanating from your mate.
    • Every few feet he was accosted by more doting women than a film actor.
    • The attendant asked Sue, with the same doting, placid face, the same question.
    • They are also doting grandparents to nine lovely grandchildren.
    • He got a headstart: his doting parents taught him to read early, to study hard, to take on responsibility for himself.
    • An erudite, doting wife, Eileen, who calls him darling in lovely, wartime tones, completes the cosy mirage.
    • Doting mother of two, devoted spouse, Pippa Lee has a complex past.
    • Being summoned by a doting pet can be one of the more endearing ways to return to our senses.
    • The visible tableau reveals a dutiful father and a doting son.
    • Death will come that afternoon, quietly, before his doting sisters return from school.
    • She loved and adored him but he wasn't exactly the doting husband.