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doble, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdəb(ə)l/ /ˈdʌb(ə)l/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(twice as much)

      (amount/portion) doble
      a double brandy/vodka un coñac/vodka doble
      • she's double your age te dobla la edad
      • it's double that es el doble de eso
      • we get double pay on Sundays los domingos nos pagan el doble / nos dan paga doble
      • a double dip dos bolas / un doble de helado
      • They were served in generous quantity, almost double normal size.
      • The bunker is the size of a double garage with 3 fences around it, a microwave intruder alarm detection system and 32 armed policemen.
      • Opened flat, the double page size is 7 x 5.5 inches, quite large enough for an effective sketch should I want to get serious.
      • I once got thrown out of a pub in Padstow because he bought me a double brandy.
      • You can't resize the player window, which will annoy most people accustomed to viewing small videos at double size.
      • I have one of those huge, double size coffee mugs, a gift from a woman I was seeing about five years ago.
      • Mr Melia had three pints of lager, a bottle of alcopops and a double brandy and coke on a night out with friends before getting behind the wheel.
      • Instead, when you do cook, make double quantities of meals that you can freeze so that you can draw on those when you're feeling too tired to cook.
      • Prepare a pot of tea as described above, using double quantities of tea.
      • At least a portion of the side walls of the body may include a double panel thickness to add strength to the container assembly.
      • Ward had a rail down at the double combination to finish with 39.74 seconds on the clock for fifth place.
      • He was struck down by kidney stones that put paid to an earlier attempt at the double marathon.
      • All the children have double PE lessons so it is not as if we have banned all sports at the school.
      • She ordered a double vodka, straight, with a glass of water.
      • At the airport you can see people drinking double whiskies or brandies to give them confidence
      • My husband had a double whisky.
      • White flowers often give double value by having a beautiful scent.
      • From the first notes of the first track of this superb double album we know we're in safe hands.
      • So a double tall latte now costs $3.45, the same as an ordinary tall latte.
      • Mr Thorold also told the court that he and Hildreth regularly went out in the city and described how they often drank up to 12 double vodka and Cokes on a night out.

    • 1.2(in pair)

      (consonant) doble
      my number is double three seven double four eight mi número es tres tres siete, cuatro cuatro ocho
      • it's spelled with a double 't' se escribe con dos tes
      • a double negative una doble negación
      • double bend curva en S
      • a double six un seis doble / un doble seis
      • inflation reached double figures / digits la inflación alcanzó/rebasó el 10%
      • I mean, who has three sets of double letters in their name?
      • People think there can't possibly be two lots of double letters in one word so they often drop one set.
      • Moreover, the double letter ‘a’ is atypical in the German language.
      • For book titles, phrases et cetera, put the words in double inverted commas, as with other Google searches.
      • During 1980 I accompanied Peter Doyle in the radio studios of 2 double J. while he was on air.
      • Collins dictionary allows berretta with a double r as an alternative (the Italian spelling).

    • 1.3(for two)

      (room) doble
      (bed) de matrimonio
      (bed) de dos plazas América Latina
      • I've got a caravan to myself with quite a bit of room - sofa, double bed, etc - a few yards from the main farm house.
      • Kane now sleeps on the living room sofa as Ikolo and her baby share the double bed in her room.
      • £235,000 buys you a 99-year lease on a small serviced room with a double bed, en-suite shower and all mod cons.
      • Located on either side of the living/kitchen area were two large rooms both with a double bed and a hot tub.
      • A baby and toddler may require a double buggy (carefully designed to be three millimetres wider than the doorway of your favourite shop).
      • These are proper sized rooms, enough space for a double bed and a couch and a desk.
      • It was so upmarket that we could only afford a room between us, with one double bed.
      • He threw my bag onto the double bed in the center of the room.
      • The gaily painted rooms continue the Caribbean theme and include a double bed and two bunks with en-suite bathroom.
      • I was led up the main stairs to a large room, whose only furnishings were a double bed and a small nightstand.
      • Tariffs range from $80 to $195 for a double room, depending on the season.
      • I found double rooms in the heart of Rome and London for about $100 per night.
      • Payments will go up from 301 a week to 316 for single rooms and from 293 to 301 for double rooms from April.
      • An open plan landing runs the length of the first floor, at either end of which are two identical double bedrooms.
      • The other generously sized double bedroom is also connected to the en suite bathroom and overlooks the rear garden.
      • Then a third got on with a double pushchair, completely blocking the aisle.
      • The small single bedroom is used as a study while the double bedrooms are a good size and have fitted floor-to-ceiling wardrobes.
      • Three of the double bedrooms are a similar size, with two overlooking the rear garden currently used as a gym and a home office.
      • As she looked a woman jogged by with her twin children in a double stroller and a poodle tied to the handle bar panting behind.
      • But parents with pushchairs also share these problems and for anyone with a double buggy the difficulties can be even greater.

    • 1.4(folded)

      to fold sth double doblar algo por la mitad
      • he was bent double with the pain se retorcía del dolor
      • Reinforcing this effect are a series of terraces leading invitingly from formal and casual living areas through sets of double doors to the home paddock and bush beyond.
      • Because of the large double doors it lends itself to easy access for deliveries with ample parking to the front and side of the building.
      • There was a mesh grille behind the double doors, and I wondered if anyone else was there.
      • Inside, every seat was taken, the double doors guarded by court security staff.
      • The double doors are open, and conversation drifts through from the next room.
      • It is hidden away in a back street behind 2 huge double doors, which means you have no idea what to expect when walking in.
      • There are double doors leading to the kitchen which has an oak kitchen, extractor fan, electric oven and electric ceramic hob.
      • So I knew something was up when he grabbed both of our trays of food and took them through the double doors to the tables outside.
      • He pushed through the double doors at the end of the hall, descended the stairs, and wandered almost blindly through the lobby and out into the street.
      • The master bedrooms have double doors leading to a balcony area.
      • The dining area is lit by two large Velux windows, a further two windows to the side and a set of glazed double doors opening out onto a patio.
      • Hanna married Skeffington and the couple adopted the double surname of Sheehy-Skeffington.
      • The whole county was shocked at the double tragedy which claimed the lives of two young men on Sunday evening, June 27.
      • Fontaine, right, retired aged just 28 after twice suffering a double leg fracture.
      • By far the most blatantly contrived element of the play is the happy and neatly accounted for ending, with a stereotypical Hollywood double wedding scene.
      • Billy fears he will die within weeks unless he is immediately approved for a double lung transplant.
      • It was a double celebration as his grandparents Jane and Paddy Deere were celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary.
      • Longford manager Alan Matthews made a double substitution at the half time break introducing Vinny Perth and Eric Lavine.
      • A PUB in Whitley is celebrating a double success after being judged top in its field by two leading food guides.
      • The singer recently had a double hip replacement but said he was ‘in better shape now than he has been for some time’.

  • 2

    • 2.1(dual)

      a double purpose un doble propósito

    • 2.2(false)

      to lead a double life llevar una doble vida
      • to play a double game hacer un doble juego


  • 1

    (twice as much)
    (pay/earn/cost) el doble
    she spends double what she earns gasta el doble de lo que gana
    • I pay double the rent I did last year pago el doble de alquiler que el año pasado
    • double 7 is 14 el doble de 7 es 14
    • In fact we are double daft because we've just held two little soirées - one for family and one for colleagues and friends.
    • It's three against three and my vote counts double.
    • Away goals do not count double in Fifa's rulebook.
    • All sorts of innovations had been touted in earlier plans for the ' 20 / 20 ' competition, including a Golden Over where each run would count double.
    • As soon as it is cooked through, fold it double, turn it out on a hot dish, and serve at once.
    • This applies double if the profanity occurs during a quarterly conference call.
    • This goes double for similar criticism of policies, if the criticism is routed through proper channels.


  • 1

    • 1.1(hotel room)

      doble femenino
      • Otherwise, ask for a standard double with a sea view: the moody purples and glowing oranges at dusk and dawn are quite spectacular.
      • The offer entitles readers to a complimentary upgrade of room, from a standard double to a Hallmark / Delux room.
      • For a good quality pocket-sprung mattress, expect to pay from £875 for a standard double at Vi-Spring.
      • Rooms cost from £70 for a standard double / twin per night midweek in high season.
      • The single is likely to be used as a children's bedroom or possibly a study, while the double has a vanity unit wash hand basin.
      • It's just that the upmarket rooms in the 3-star hotel cost the same as the standard doubles in the superior ones.
      • Both of the bedrooms in this unit are doubles and have en suite shower rooms, one of which is accessed via a spiral staircase from the living room.
      • As well as standard doubles, the hotel has well-equipped suites overlooking the golf course, each with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room.
      • B&B in standard doubles is from £127; superior doubles and suites go from £165 to £250.
      • Peterhead seemed to be coasting until East Stirling substitute, Gregor McKechnie, squared the match with a double inside four minutes.
      • The bedroom accommodation will comprise two doubles and a large single in the three-bedroom houses and two doubles in all other units.
      • Both of the property's two bedrooms are doubles with built-in wardrobes, laminate floors and fitted vanity units.
      • Upstairs there are two doubles and one twin bedroom to the front of the house, all decorated in tasteful but unusual colours.
      • Both are doubles which have been finished to the highest standard.
      • Both are large doubles with built-in wardrobes and mirrored vanity units.
      • All of the other bedrooms are doubles and one contains fitted wardrobes and a shelving unit.
      • To the front are two good sized doubles, each fitted with a wardrobe and shelving unit.
      • A superior double or twin costs from £140, again for two.
      • I think you have to try sleeping separately - buy twin beds if you share a double now.
      • The master bedroom has a huge double bath, while there is a twin room in the cellar and a double on the ground floor.

    • 1.2(of spirits)

      medida doble femenino
      • Last night Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon admitted that offering doubles rather than singles was standard practice in all the company's pubs.
      • Another gin and tonic, honey - better make it a double.
      • Many pubs now serve doubles as standard.
      • Michael doesn't drink, but if you make mine a double, you're on.
      • It seems to be more acceptable for women to drink pints or doubles now.
      • I already had them figured for bourbon drinkers, and on receiving confirmation I poured a pair of doubles, left the bottle out and placed a tray of ice on the counter.

  • 2

    doble masculino, femenino
    • Was this the real man or a double?
    • Spark's friend, Nita McEwen, physically almost her double, was shot dead by Nita's husband in a hotel where Spark was staying.
    • This is too unlikely a similarity to be mere coincidence, and it produces the eerie suspicion/sensation that the women are doubles of one another.
    • St. Jacques, a heroic fighter involved in the Crusades, was the exact double of Ogoun Ferraille, a powerful warrior spirit.
    • Famous magicians excel in the use of stage doubles and even twins, in order to get spectacular results that seem to defy the laws of the universe.
    • She believed that the members of her family had all been gradually replaced by doubles.
    • Here Lynch takes advantage of Lara Flynn Boyle's absence to cast Moira Kelly - a doppelganger Donna in a film rife with doubles.
    • Although, I did not need a mirror to see a double of myself, as my companion was the exact image of me.
    • After accessing the computer database, he found out that the president had several doubles - at least five.
    • From one point of view, building a clone is no more remarkable than a gardener taking a cutting from a hedge; if I make a clone of myself, he will be my biological twin, not my double.
    • Bethany had played Tatiana's double in the mirror in the second scene of Onegin.
    • To press their diagnosis, a second case was described who was Merrick's double.
    • The apparition is myself, and I stare dumbfounded as my double punches me in the stomach.
  • 3

    • 3.1(in bridge, dice, dominoes, darts)

      doble masculino
      to throw a double sacar un doble
      • A player must hit his double to become a killer and can then start the business of taking lives from other players by scoring in their double.
      • Not only this, but, fortified by the fact that I had drunk his lager by mistake, Ken managed to hit the winning double in the second leg of the last match.
      • Doubles of declarer are ringed, to make it easier to ensure that each player makes her compulsory two doubles of declarer.
      • The declarer must hold at least 4 doubles to announce Plunge.
      • If someone then bids higher, any previous doubles and redoubles are cancelled.
      • The number of doubles which can be declared and the payment for them depends on the number of players as follows.
      • If spades are trumps then an extra double is automatically applied to the final scores.

    • 3.2

      (in billiards) doblete masculino
      (in baseball) doble masculino
      (in baseball) doblete masculino

    • 3.3Deporte
      (double win)

      doblete masculino

  • 4

    (two victories)
    the double el doblete
    • Though not as comprehensive as their win early in the season, Holme Wood Athletic completed a double over Oakenshaw.
    • Salford seek a double over the Tigers and after wins against Warrington and Huddersfield, a third Super League victory in a row.
    • Dorset county player Carly Cummins has completed an international double with a comfortable victory in the Spanish sunshine.
    • LEIGH RMI youth team completed a unique double by winning the NW Youth Alliance league and cup.
    • Bilton remain on course for the double after Saturday's victory over Kirkstall kept them nine points clear at the top.
    • White, the first American to win the sprint double, is still able to compete at this weekend's IAAF Grand Prix Final in Monaco.
    • It was Celtic's centenary season, and Macca was instrumental in winning the double, league title and cup for the club - not without the usual contumely.
    • They have a better team now than the one who won the double in 1998.
    • No one has done the double, won both the US and British Opens since 1982, since Tom Watson.
    • The team have now completed the double having won the County League earlier in the year.
    • Having taken the 4km short course race on Saturday, he became the first man to complete the double when he won the 12 km race yesterday.
    • There are also only 4 premiership teams that have ever won the double.
    • Having beaten the Aussies once, Britain are confident they can complete a prestigious double tonight.
    • Manager Stuart Smith was delighted to have picked up yet another trophy following Rangers' league and cup double last year.
    • Blackburn Under 14s made it a double, beating Barnsley 4-2 in their challenge match.
    • United went on to win the double for the second time that season and Alan Hansen was left eating his words.
    • Ulverston Ladies Hockey Club can look back upon a memorable season, having achieved the double of winning both the Netherwood and Cumbria leagues.
    • Holmes went one better than Britain's former middle-distance stars Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett, who tried and failed to do the coveted double.
    • Wicklow did manage to score a double over the Barrow siders earlier this year, winning in both the League and Keogh Cup.
    • However, Andy Preece's side scored a league double over the Welsh team including a 3-0 victory at Gigg Lane.
    • Oxenhope Recreation sealed a historic Craven Premier League and Cup double last Thursday night at Cross Hills FC.
    • Yorkshire Martyrs are celebrating a second successive league and cup double.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(increase twofold)

      (earnings/profits) doblar
      (earnings/profits) duplicar
      (efforts) redoblar
      I'd double the amount of sugar yo le pondría el doble de azúcar
      • I'll double that offer yo ofrezco el doble
      • Using cannabis once or twice a week almost doubles the risk of suffering psychotic symptoms in later life, researchers said yesterday.
      • Even if merchandising income were to double the star's revenues, at current levels the company stands to take back around half what they have paid out.
      • She also kept her composure out on the course, more than doubling her overnight three stroke lead with a near faultless two under par 71, which included only one bogey as well as three birdies.
      • Here's a hot financial tip, fresh from the City desk, that's guaranteed to double your money overnight.
      • These economies have doubled their ratio of trade to national income.
      • Last year, sale of steel from the bomb casings more than doubled his annual farming income to nearly U.S. $700.
      • Schemes that promise to double your money overnight are guaranteed to empty your pockets.
      • Six minutes later and just when the heads of a dazed and confused City appeared to be clearing, another sluggish reaction to danger saw Bury double their advantage.
      • You will certainly be exposed to enough bad language in this play to completely double your present vocabulary.
      • The new capacity would help double annual production of compressors to six million units by 2006.
      • Use of data compression typically doubles capacity and transfer rate.
      • The fans should benefit from that new rule - it potentially doubles Friday's on-track action.
      • Hilton more than doubled pre-tax interim profits to £156.7m, helped by a tremendous performance from its Ladbrokes betting shops.
      • Within two years the affected mines had recovered sufficiently to have doubled and, in some cases, trebled their profits.
      • After a blank first half, John Williams gave the hosts the lead which was doubled with Tom Daniels' first goal in three years.
      • Dell plans to double manufacturing capacity in China next year.
      • There are now an estimated 700 abstinence programs in the United States and the government wants to double spending next year.
      • The company is doubling output at its Fairmont, Ga., plant and boosting head count 8%, to 320 workers.
      • The annual rent, under the lease, was one peppercorn, an amount which was later doubled.
      • An extra £3 billion is to be spent on private surgery over the next five years, doubling NHS use of private hospitals.
      • Back in July, IFG said its profit was set to double by 2007.
      • This personal touch has paid off handsomely for the bank with profits more than doubling in the past three years to €504m.
      • Not only has supply more than doubled, but twice as much oil and four times as much gas has been added to reserves.
      • Since Whitbread acquired the business in 1995, it has doubled in size and profit.
      • Further improvements have been pencilled in for 2006, when pre-tax profits are expected to double to £86m.
      • Britain's female prison population has more than doubled in the past six years, with twice as many women as men jailed for a first offence.
      • Even though Compaq's sales doubled from 1990 to 1993, pre-tax profits fell.
      • Anne said insurance cover for her home had doubled to €900.
      • The Euroway Trading Estate based firm, which repairs, services and installs hydraulic systems, saw its turnover double last year from 2001.
      • Four new dialysis stations, almost twice the floor space, and an open plan arrangement are all part of a revamp that has seen the unit double in capacity.
      • Women infected with the human papillomavirus are at risk for cervical cancer, but if they have HPV2 as well, the risk doubles.
      • As the demand for mortgage capital doubles, we have to make sure that the supply doubles too.
      • During the adolescent growth spurt, for a year or more, the velocity of height increase approximately doubles; a boy is likely to be growing again at the rate he first experienced about age 2.
      • For each decade after age 55, the risk of stroke doubles for men and women.
      • The Liberal Democrats saw their representation double from two to four.
      • Even if inflation is a mere 2 percent, the cost of living still doubles in 36 years.
      • However, their stress level would likely double should any unfortunate event occur during their trip.
      • The economy, registering growth of over 6 percent, was one of the best performing in Asia last year, and the stock market doubled in value.
      • One explanation is that exporters faced considerable cost pressure in 1985 after the yen doubled in value in a short period.
      • Two years later, the property had doubled in value, so he sold it and decided to repeat the process.

    • 1.2Juegos

      (stake/call/bid) doblar

  • 2

    (paper/cloth) doblar por la mitad
    (fist) cerrar EEUU
    • I doubled my fist, and punched him in the stomach.
    • I looked at him, shocked and angry at his ungrateful outburst, then doubled my fist.
    • Rob stood, doubled up both fists, and struck the giant in the neck.
    • By definition, a pleat is a fold in cloth made by doubling the material upon itself and then pressing or stitching it into place.
    • The bandage was a torn piece of cloth and had been doubled over to make it thick enough.
  • 3

    Cine Teatro
    she doubles the parts of maid and princess interpreta dos papeles: el de criada y el de princesa
    • It wasn't like playing two different characters at all, but doubling the same one.
  • 4

    (sail around)
    (headland/cape) doblar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (increase twofold)
    (price/amount) duplicarse
    (price/amount) doblarse
  • 2

    (have dual role)
    the table doubles as a desk la mesa también se usa como escritorio
    • somebody doubled for him in the dangerous scenes alguien lo doblaba en las escenas peligrosas
    • the clarinetist doubles on saxophone el clarinetista también toca el saxofón
  • 3

    (in bridge, billiards)