Translation of double-breasted in Spanish:


cruzado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌdəbəl ˈˌbrɛstəd/ /ˌdʌb(ə)lˈbrɛstɪd/

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    • Window displays at the front of the factory - where headless dummies sport double-breasted jackets, tweed blazers and camel-hair coats - belie what is happening inside.
    • Standing in three-quarter view and close to the frame of the picture, he sports a silky top hat, brown double-breasted coat, flower in his button hole and cravat speared by a tie pin.
    • To fasten a double-breasted overcoat, you'll have to lap one edge of the front well over the other.
    • I have a classic dinner jacket, a double-breasted tux, and a formal jacket with ‘mod’ styling that would make it suitable for a trip to the Grammys.
    • A double-breasted jacket folds over itself in the front, while a single breasted one doesn't.
    • We see him tall, trim, handsome, usually in a navy double-breasted blazer with brass buttons, the silver hair shining, a man with a senatorial look, if not presidential.
    • There is a marked return to double-breasted coats, discretion at first glance giving way to luxurious linings of mink and chinchilla.
    • When choosing a blazer, larger men should avoid double-breasted blazers because these will make the upper body look even plumper.
    • Whether you wear single or double-breasted blazers, make sure to adjust them so they fit properly throughout your entire body.
    • There are also double-breasted coats and raincoats with large collars, straight, short coats, and pea coats with a removable double collar.
    • They have obviously varied in popularity throughout the years, but in general, sporting a double-breasted jacket will give you an elegant and classic look.
    • Wear jackets open and remember this is probably the only time the extra fabric from a double-breasted jacket looks terrific when unbuttoned.
    • It's that time of year again, when I ask myself if I should be wearing a single or double-breasted overcoat with my single-breasted suits.
    • Should you opt for a single or double-breasted overcoat?
    • All the coats shown were simply lovely, especially the white wool and cashmere blend double-breasted trench coat at the top of the show.
    • Military style has really taken the fashion world by storm in this season's men's wear, so don't be afraid to march into the office with a double-breasted suit jacket.
    • See how good a man looks in a properly tailored double-breasted tuxedo with a hand-tied bowtie.
    • He's wearing a blue double-breasted jacket with tea stains down the front.
    • The double-breasted jackets and baggy, pleated trousers now only belong in the wardrobes of those facing what sociologists call the ‘mid-life crisis.’
    • Both look very suave in these double-breasted tuxedos from Chester and Chester.