Translation of double-digit in Spanish:


de dos cifras, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdəbəl ˌdɪdʒɪt/


  • 1

    (figure) de dos cifras
    (inflation) de dos cifras
    (inflation) de más del 10%
    • Firms with questionable numbers see their stock prices fall by double-digit percentages.
    • He expects earnings to grow by double-digit figures in the first half of the current financial year.
    • For several years in a row, the retail costs of heating oil and natural gas have seen double-digit percentage increases.
    • Earnings for this year are likely to be healthy, as house price growth has again reached double-digit figures.
    • Generous employers will pay a double-digit percentage of your salary towards your pension.
    • Just counting the pairs of shoes in the hall cupboard rapidly amounts to double-digit figures.
    • Two years after this, in 1990, we had double-digit general inflation.
    • In the seventies we were racked with economic problems like huge inflation and double-digit unemployment.
    • Low interest rates and double-digit house price inflation have led to a big increase in equity withdrawal in the past couple of years.
    • After four years of double-digit growth, house-price inflation is expected to slow this year.
    • Five years ago, most eastern European nations were battling double-digit inflation.
    • When you tack on inflation, it will be spectacular double-digit growth.
    • A double-digit increase in the economy was possible and unemployment would be gradually reduced, he said.
    • While not a double-digit increase like those of the past five years, it is still higher than the estimated inflation rate.
    • Rentals cost nearly five dollars and first run films are edging ever closer to double-digit prices.
    • It means their double-digit profit margins aren't high enough to satisfy Wall Street.
    • The general view was the high double-digit growth achieved by the group over much of the past 20 years was about to end.
    • During 2001, a sharp correction arrived after several years of double-digit growth.
    • Home-owners face soaring bills this autumn amid predictions of a fresh round of double-digit energy price increases.
    • We've just announced our seventh half year of double-digit earnings growth and we're going to see much more of that coming in future.