Translation of double-lock in Spanish:


cerrar con doble llave, v.

Pronunciation /ˌdʌbəlˈlɑːk/ /ˌdʌbəlˈlɒk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    cerrar con doble llave
    remember to double-lock the door acuérdate de cerrar con doble llave / de darle dos vueltas a la llave
    • But we are also abandoning red meat, drinking bottled water, double-locking our doors at night and sending our kids out with a crash helmet when they're pedalling the trike around the lawn.
    • After double-locking the door behind her, you vow to start driving - being around the public is even more of a risk than road traffic accidents.
    • ‘The front door is double-locked,’ I said in a reassuring tone.
    • But the moment the tabloid hack entered, Robby quickly double-locked the door behind him.
    • The door is double-locked, with chains and bolts, because behind it lies all manner of secrets.
    • ‘I've been so afraid since the explosions that I tell my children to double-lock the doors when they go home alone,’ Lotfi said.
    • Then they heard him enter his apartment, slam and double-lock his door.
    • Then I went to the shed, picked up a house brick, smashed the glass on the back door, rejoiced that for once it wasn't double-locked and let myself in.
    • Patio doors leading into the back gardens from homes are double-locked, says Terry, and gates leading to alleys can be locked too.
    • He also claims the arresting officer continued to tighten the handcuffs and double-locked them even after he had complained they were hurting him.
    • Their doors aren't just closed; they are bolted shut and double-locked, with tiny cracks allowing only for notes to be slipped through.
    • The prospector rumbled about a trunk, closing the lid and double-locking it.
    • When he is gone she double locks the door and puts the chain on.
    • By analogy, when I double lock my front door at night it is not because I believe that my house will be burgled if I do not - even though, as it happens, I do live in a high crime area.
    • If not, Ruth had better double lock the doors, as George is likely to show up to bang on them again in a big rage.