Translation of double act in Spanish:

double act


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    they do/are a double act son una pareja de humoristas
    • The pair were a brilliant double act, helped by evil lighting and Marjorie's hissy voice, which I learn is not her own and helped along by case loads of throat sweets presumably.
    • He first met Les, who became a close friend, in 1971 and the pair rapidly formed a double act in Sez Les and The Les Dawson Show.
    • After The Pleasure Man, the two got together as a double act, with Burn performing songs Bloomfield had done in collaboration with director Neil Bartlett.
    • His chemistry with the innocent-looking Luna is well-realised and the duo make an entertaining double act, particularly during the early cons.
    • Grady and Van de Velde could, given the chance, become an entertaining double act.
    • The pair are clearly a comedy double act off the park, but it is the understanding and appreciation of each other's footballing talents which underpins the relationship.
    • The best newcomer award went to the double act Noble and Silver.
    • An entertaining and photogenic double act, Yarko and Daniel are more interested in school and sports than in their so-called enemies.
    • The 23-year-old is one half of the famous Pardubice double act with his highly successful brother, Lukas who exploded onto the Grand Prix scene last season.
    • We're like a double act; I've ended up the straight man with all the straight lines.
    • While at Oxford he was part of a comedy double act which peaked with an appearance on New Faces, where they came second.
    • Lara and Terry become a double act, except she can't entirely trust him, which gives the relationship an edge.
    • Whatever else, these two are the best double act in comedy today.
    • They could be a comedy double act from a series called The Contenders.
    • I was in town to promote The Ambassadors, a comedy double act who had obtained my services through an ad in the OUDS newsletter.
    • Mr Large, one half of the classic comic double act Little and Large, made the presentation at the Trowbridge campus.
    • In particular, says Andrew, the Scottish double act in his second row has been spectacularly effective.
    • He and Peacock - who tend to operate as a double act - are one year into a three-year plan but remain under immense pressure to deliver.
    • Like many double acts, they have little in common outside work.
    • Davies once shared a flat with the double act Armstrong and Miller.