Traducción de double click en español:

double click

doble clic, n.


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    doble clic masculino

verbo transitivo

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    (icon/open/close) hacer doble clic en
    (icon/open/close) pinchar dos veces en
    • To play the playlist, just select it and hit the play button or double-click on it.
    • To start, you double-click on the Google icon on your taskbar.
    • The fast way to open the print queue is to double-click on the Printer symbol in the System tray (located at the bottom right).
    • The folder window lists all your fonts, double-click on any font icon.
    • Once you've navigated to the desired day, double-click on the appointment time and a separate window opens up.

verbo intransitivo

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    hacer doble clic
    pinchar dos veces
    to double-click on sth hacer doble clic en algo