Translation of double first in Spanish:

double first


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    título universitario obtenido después de haber recibido en dos especialidades la nota máxima de la escala de calificaciones (in UK: degree)
    • He grew up in Addingham and joined Rough Guides as a writer after graduating from Cambridge with a double first in English Literature.
    • He is one such: not only did he get a double first at Cambridge - which, admittedly, is an achievement open to all - he is a book reviewer too, which is not.
    • He won a scholarship to Harrow School, where he became head boy, and then went to University College, Oxford, which he left with a double first.
    • Any fool with a ‘a double first from King's College, Cambridge specialising in philosophy’ could have done that, they were just too posh.
    • Amber completed her three year degree at Cambridge and in July 1908 she achieved a double first.
    • He went on to score a double first in Computer Science at Cambridge, before finally setting up and becoming Creative Director of his own independent games company, Elixir Studios, at the wise old age of 22.
    • He was educated at Rugby School and Queen's College, Cambridge, where he obtained a double first, before joining St Thomas's Hospital in 1962.
    • The former Wiltshire county Scout commissioner achieved a double first in classics at Christ's College Cambridge before teaching in London.
    • A double first from Oxford and he had a social conscience?
    • He took a double first in natural sciences at Cambridge before doing his clinical training in London.
    • For too long, we have valued effortless brilliance, like the Oxford double first.
    • Listing the amazing range of engine technology, suspension dynamics, and even braking and safety set-ups would take forever, and you need a double first in electronics and engineering to understand it all.
    • Her daughter, a resolute young lady, was one the ‘New Women’ with a double first in Mathematics and a desire to make her way in the city - as it then was.
    • His aide, an implausibly smooth chap who probably has a double first in the novels of John Grisham and Raymond Chandler, says he's hiding and asks me to come to his suite.
    • ‘My father was a bit upset because he was a double first in mathematics and engineering,’ he reveals.
    • The business world might look formidable from the outside but not everyone has a double first in economics and maths from St Andrews.
    • After his health recovered he returned to Oxford and in 1849 was awarded a double first in mathematics and classics.
    • An accomplished classical pianist and a double first in Maths Physics, he was always a man apart.
    • Murray's ability to juggle a demanding academic course with her training has already marked her out as resembling Radcliffe, who earned a modern languages double first when a student at Loughborough.
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    persona que tiene un (degree holder)