Translation of double jeopardy in Spanish:

double jeopardy


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    segundo procesamiento por el mismo delito
    • In the United States, where defendants are protected against double jeopardy, his acquittal would have ensured that he went free.
    • But he can't be tried at home for the same offence - the so-called double jeopardy law.
    • Thus it appears that, allowing for the element of double jeopardy, sentences in the range between 5 and 7 years would have been considered to be the proper tariff sentences after a trial.
    • It is that the appellant has already been subjected to, if not double jeopardy, at least the inconvenience and anxiety of more than one proceeding.
    • Moreover, no ‘person’ shall suffer double jeopardy for the same crime or be compelled to be a witness against himself.