Traducción de doubly en Español:


doblemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈdəb(ə)li/ /ˈdʌbli/

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    (difficult/dangerous/interesting) doblemente
    now I'm doubly sure ahora estoy absolutamente seguro
    • make doubly sure you lock the door asegúrate bien de cerrar la puerta
    • it's an awful road, doubly so when it's raining es una carretera pésima y es dos veces peor cuando llueve
    • this soup is doubly nice with sherry esta sopa queda el doble de rica con jerez
    • Her daughter recently made her a grandmother, making the income from the packing job doubly important at the time.
    • Searcy, 30, also is in negotiations with the team on a new contract, making the 2000 season doubly important for him.
    • For Mozambique, a country with a wafer-thin economy, the disaster is doubly cruel.
    • A lie is insulting; an obvious lie is doubly insulting.
    • The Army had been doubly embarrassed by the Dugway sheep kill of March 1968.
    • African American authors found themselves doubly disadvantaged by the literary restrictions of the pastoral.
    • The fact that President Chen appeared to give his tacit consent to such an action is doubly worrying.
    • The Indian marksmen will have to be doubly prepared then to ensure that they grab a few quota places themselves.
    • I am doubly grateful, therefore, that he is here, in spite of considerable personal inconvenience.
    • Fiction has no responsibility to the truth and art doubly so.
    • This circumstance makes this most recent vote doubly frustrating.
    • It is doubly disingenuous to claim that problems with security make elections difficult.
    • And if there are children by then, it will be doubly painful.
    • How he had managed it was a mystery to her, since she was doubly inhibited by his more natural manners.
    • This pairing of old and new was doubly provocative.
    • Thankfully, they laughed about it, so from then on we made doubly sure we kept her secure.
    • If we happen to be in a drought condition, all fire precautions are doubly necessary.
    • When squandered on decadence, wealth doubly harms the under-resourced.
    • Indeed, they would be doubly nervous if they believed Ahern really was adopting such a laidback approach.
    • Branch is now doubly determined to set an example with the armband after gaining a reputation as the quiet man of the side.