Translation of doubt in Spanish:


duda, n.

Pronunciation /daʊt/


  • 1

    duda feminine
    incertidumbre feminine
    there is no room for doubt no hay lugar a duda
    • I have no doubt whatsoever that he will succeed no tengo la menor duda de que lo logrará
    • I am in some doubt as to whether to employ him dudo si emplearlo o no
    • I am in no doubt about his intelligence no me cabe la menor duda de que es inteligente
    • his integrity is not in doubt su integridad no está en duda / en tela de juicio
    • beyond reasonable doubt más allá de toda duda fundada
    • the result is still in doubt aún se desconoce el resultado
    • there is some doubt about / as to his integrity existen ciertas dudas acerca de su integridad
    • when in doubt en caso de duda
    • to cast doubt on sth poner algo en duda
    • Each relationship, until now, had doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, as their qualities.
    • He said he would question the validity of parts of that opinion and would bring fresh evidence which cast doubt on the conviction.
    • I expressed enthusiasm, and he, as usual, expressed some doubt and uncertainty.
    • Jonathan's face was a changing canvas of doubt, fear, uncertainty.
    • I fell victim to a sudden flash of doubt at my conviction that the Force didn't really exist.
    • Youthful, idealistic romance has grown into love, hopefulness into doubt, and anger into distance.
    • It brought me into the realm of doubt and uncertainty.
    • There is too much reasonable doubt for a conviction.
    • The viewers are not fools, they pick up on doubt and uncertainty on screen and hit the remote accordingly.
    • Coupling feelings of doubt with low self-esteem leads to very dire consequences.
    • I can see the allure of clothing oneself in the armor of faith, to defend against the assault of doubt and uncertainty.
    • I neither agreed with nor approved her methods or her language, but there was never any doubt about her passion and the depth of her conviction.
    • The approach appears to be one of instilling fear, uncertainty and doubt in those who apply for rebates to which they are entitled.
    • Even the most assertive and level-headed woman may feel doubt or a certain lack of self-confidence.
    • We will even defend those who may not be innocent, but who have raised reasonable prospects of doubt about their conviction.
    • We call it a dialogue and not a debate because both economists acknowledge areas of doubt and uncertainty.
    • When he looked up at her, his eyes seemed filled with doubt and uncertainty.
    • However, where there are grounds for doubt or uncertainty on factual accuracy, this needs to be indicated.
    • So we're back to the usual campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt.
    • Discipline here reduces uncertainty, procrastination and doubt among suppliers.
  • 2

    duda feminine
    she began to have doubts about his fidelity empezó a dudar de su fidelidad

transitive verb

  • 1

    (fact/truth) dudar de
    do you doubt my word? ¿dudas de mi palabra?
    • I doubt his story dudo que su historia sea verdad
    • I doubted my own eyes no creía lo que veía
    • there was/could be no doubting his enthusiasm no se podía dudar de su entusiasmo
    • I rather doubt her ability to stay the course dudo que sea capaz de seguir adelante
    • The awful truth is that I doubt the relaxation of the licensing laws will make much difference; in fact, if they slow down these binges, the new hours might even help.
    • It is your right to doubt the validity and truth of this site.
    • In fact, he doubted her creditability, until she pulled out a map she had bought from one of the merchants in Sernual.
    • That extraction mission was made difficult by the circumstances and the fact that she doubted the validity of the operation.
    • They feel free to question the possibility of knowledge because they also doubt its value.
    • No one today doubts the theory of gravity, but in fact our scientific understanding of gravity is quite lacking.
    • She, 44, said she never doubted her son's innocence, despite the fact police have identified him as their only suspect.
    • I do not doubt their sincerity or their integrity; what I question is the rationality of their theories and methods.
    • No-one is foolish enough to doubt his talent, yet it remains an indisputable fact that he has never won the games that really matter.
    • I do not doubt your claim at all, but your question made me try to think of similar cases.
    • If anyone doubts this projected finishing date, then they should look up the Minister's statement made on August 29, 2000.
    • Anyone who doubts this should try driving at 60 mph on any of our main roads out of Sligo and keep a count of the number of cars that will overtake you.
    • Anyone who doubts this should look at the viewing figures for sport on television.
    • If anyone doubted his songwriting credentials, this sharply conceived social drama confirms his status as one of Britain's best.
    • If anyone doubted the BBC's bias before they'll surely be having second thoughts today.
    • I doubted Conner had anyone out there other than his family.
    • Anyone who doubted this had only to look at the actual behaviour of human beings in all the societies in the world.
    • If anyone doubted his right to be a Ryder Cup player, let alone a hero, that result speaks for itself.
    • He doubts many more B.C. ferries will be built in B.C. shipyards.
    • Anybody who doubts this need only travel along the South Coast in the old Transkei and Ciskei, where traditional leaders still rule.
  • 2

    (consider unlikely)
    to doubt (that) dudar que
    to doubt if dudar que
    to doubt whether dudar que
    I very much doubt it lo dudo mucho
    • I doubt that / if / whether she'll come dudo que venga
    • I doubt he'll agree dudo que vaya a acceder

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • I became angry with myself for my blind belief in the Bus, and my reluctance to doubt before that minute.
    • But I have seen friends who once believed without doubting, and without testing those beliefs, slowly become more rational.
    • In order to doubt or wonder about the provenance of his beliefs an agent must know what belief is.
    • The courage to believe is easy, with lots of respectable company, but I admire more the courage to doubt.