Translation of doubting Thomas in Spanish:

doubting Thomas

escéptico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈˌdaʊdɪŋ ˈtɑməs/ /daʊtɪŋˈtɒməs/

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    escéptico masculine
    escéptica feminine
    he's such a doubting Thomas es como Santo Tomás: si no lo ve, no lo cree
    • Still, I'm a doubting Thomas - I'll believe it when I see it.
    • Through her career in painting and drawing (she graduated with honours from the Ontario College of Art), as well as her dancing, modeling, acting and martial arts instruction, she has defied the doubting Thomases.
    • This really hurt them and gave them a powerful incentive to put the record straight and to prove the doubting Thomases wrong.
    • The picture of her with the remains of the salmon, beside the hole in the roof of her house, convinced all the doubting Thomases that the fish did crash on to the roof and actually splatter across some of it.
    • Be that as it may, let us all hope that that all the doubts of the doubting Thomases will turn out to be unfounded and a serious fight against corruption will be launched.
    • And what a way they went about revealing the unknown musical facet in them and proved all the doubting Thomases wrong.
    • Yes, I accept I'm a doubting Thomas about our capacity for generosity and I do accept that there was a genuine feel-good factor around these last few weeks.
    • Who am I to be the doubting Thomas when it clearly helps ameliorate their grief?
    • Also, being a doubting Thomas, I wanted to verify those tall tales of the Alaskan winter and to disprove the rumor of the Alaskan qualification.
    • Go and dig out a few old photos if you are a doubting Thomas.
    • To these doubting Thomases I strongly recommend they should speak to the leading town planner, who will tell them the objections are a lot of nonsense.
    • For those doubting Thomases, the emcee stressed that these costumes had taken months of hard work.
    • We do have a picture of me with said fish, just to prove to those of you who are doubting Thomases!
    • The new science, placing itself in the tradition of doubting Thomas, was a hands-on affair.
    • These highly-publicised doubting Thomases are almost invariably in the pay of oil or automobile multinationals, which seem strangely averse to tackling fossil fuel emissions.
    • We have some businesses that are doubting Thomases.
    • But there were plenty of doubting Thomases a few years back.
    • The critics have relished their role as doubting Thomases in the face of this upbeat onslaught.
    • That miraculous elegance, given veracity by the testament of photographic image and made iconic through projection, is enough to convince any doubting Thomas that the terminal clumsiness of self can be transcended.
    • As no name is given to that person the member is quoting, he sounds very much like doubting Thomas or his brother.