Translation of dough in Spanish:


masa, n.

Pronunciation /doʊ/ /dəʊ/

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  • 1

    masa feminine
    • It is this technique that allows pastry doughs to rise and pie crusts to flake.
    • The oven can cook thinner doughs but not thicker ones.
    • Pour a little rose water in to fruit salads, use it to flavour thick syrups or add it to pastry and biscuit doughs, or whipped cream.
    • One outcome: lower-quality flour, resulting in doughs that were unable to withstand the rigorous mixing that's part of making bread.
    • Pastry doughs, and those for shortbread-type biscuits and cakes, use soft flour, with a high proportion of shortening, and are usually unleavened, giving a crisp, friable result.
    • Inclusion suppliers now are receiving numerous requests for high-quality reduced-carb ingredients such as cookie doughs, brownies and cake mixes.
    • Here's how to knead yeast doughs like focaccia.
    • An earthenware jar of sourdough starter, which Marion has nurtured for over four years, has become an important part of the pleasure she takes in making yeast doughs; whether English muffins, pancakes or loaves of bread.
    • This is what gives the elasticity to yeast doughs, which have to be kneaded and stretched.
    • Like the phyllo and strudel doughs of Europe, making the dough is an acquired skill that takes most Moroccans years to master.
    • In wheat, the prolamins form the major components of the gluten protein fraction which forms a viscoelastic network in doughs and is largely responsible for the ability to process wheat to form bread, pasta and many other food products.
    • The recipe calls for the preparation of three separate doughs.
    • As well, he anticipates that his process will be adapted for making whole rice grain pastas and pizza doughs by one or more commercial producers.
    • Knead the chilled dough on a lightly floured board until it's elastic, then roll it out until it is quite thin.
    • He wrapped the combination in a thick slab of egg and flour dough, deep fried it and a legend was born.
    • It then offered several sets of instructions for using dough in cookies, pastry, bread, and the like.
    • If dough sticks, add a little more flour until dough becomes a soft round shape.
    • Electricity runs the bread plants and proofing rooms to prepare the dough for baking.
    • Fortified bread could be produced by adding yeast fortified with vitamins to bread dough.
    • My family always preserved grapes on the vine and would use them with leftover bread dough to make this tart.
  • 2 slang

    guita feminine slang
    lana feminine Latin America informal
    plata feminine South America informal
    pasta feminine Spain informal
    • Once I get that we'll be okay, but they will be loan players I would say because we ain't got a lot of dough.
    • For yee biggest rock acts of yonder do stand to make a lot of dough from reunions.
    • Even adjusting for inflation, that's a lot of dough for a poor boy from the backwoods of Austria.
    • Greggs Bakery is hoping to raise lots of dough at a charity run at Heaton Park.
    • Don't worry about the fact he's already fronted up with a few million dollars of his own dough.
    • We are not talking about being short of a little bit of dough, it is big money.
    • I'm no mathematician, but wouldn't the sale of the lad Rooney give them enough dough to cover the debt?
    • The film makes it clear that she is not exactly rolling in dough.
    • Die-hard fans will have no problem plunking down their hard-earned dough.