Traducción de dour en español:


adusto, adj.

Pronunciación /dʊr/ /ˈdaʊ(ə)r/ /ˈdʊə/ /ˈdaʊə/

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    a dour Scot un adusto escocés
    • He looked like a dour, stern man and had a rather ominous air about him.
    • In his dour manner, he stated that he was the foreman of the team, and called over two other men whom he introduced.
    • Dire, dour and disappointing are three which spring instantly to mind.
    • But after going upstairs for a shower he would grow uncommunicative and dour.
    • It was still cold and a little gloomy but there was a dour magnificence to it.
    • You must be, for the whole psychological profession, which is often very dour, very serious.
    • He appears a dour and silent man notable only for his extreme religious convictions.
    • Photographs of him make him appear dour, and he lived a monkish kind of life.
    • However, given the dour nature of the contest, it appeared that summer holidays were closer to the player's minds.
    • He can come across as intensely serious about the game, even dour in the eyes of the fans, but this is as much a myth as so much in football.
    • It's all a bit dour, spindly trees where there are trees at all, and more than a few boarded-up stores.
    • However it made the first-half a dour affair and we saw just five scores in half-an-hour of action.
    • This was a dour affair that did little to lift the hearts of the dedicated few who were in headquarters to cheer on their sides.
    • She said research suggested he was a ‘quiet and dour man’ and not even that good-looking.
    • In a dour first half both teams were only able to score three goals, with Nimbin holding the lead by just four points.
    • The second half was a dour affair with neither side looking like scoring.
    • Competitors will be hoping to avoid a repeat of the dour second round when there was an unprecedented number of blanks on a chilly river.
    • Steelwork was still the original somewhat dour black, and the pine-plank ceilings made the place feel dark.
    • His smile no longer triggered the normal facial muscles, gradually projecting a slightly dour expression.
    • I hate to sign off on such a dour note but I'm afraid I'm going to have to.