There are 3 main translations of down in Spanish

: down1down2down3


Pronunciation /daʊn/

See Spanish definition of abajo


  • 1

    • 1.1(in downward direction)

      I ran all the way down to the bottom corrí hasta abajo
      • the path that goes down into the valley el sendero que baja hasta el valle
      • to help sb down ayudar a algn a bajar
      • don't look down! ¡no mires (hacia / para) abajo!
      • from the waist/neck down desde la cintura/el cuello para abajo
      • jump down! ¡salta!
      • he flopped down exhausted se dejó caer agotado
      • down, boy! ¡abajo!
      • wind the window down baja la ventanilla
      • down with Smith/tyranny! ¡abajo Smith/la tiranía!

    • 1.2(downstairs)

      can you come down? ¿puedes bajar?
      • run down and fetch the hammer baja rápido a buscarme el martillo
      • we can walk down podemos bajar andando

  • 2

    • 2.1(of position)

      down in the basement/valley abajo en el sótano/el valle
      • 500m/two floors down 500m/dos pisos más abajo
      • further down on the same page más abajo en la misma página
      • down here/there aquí/allí (abajo)
      • it was down at the bottom of the rucksack estaba en el fondo de la mochila
      • the sun/moon is down el sol/la luna se ha puesto
      • She put the wine glass down on the ground and turned over to face him lying flat, her belly against his.
      • Large pine trees were left standing but smaller silver birch and beech trees were chopped down.
      • Mr Rogers said last spring he stopped an attempt by the council to chop the tree down and believed it was now safe.
      • Look out here for a smaller path, dropping down towards a wall on the right.
      • He digs his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans and looks down at the ground.
      • It is believed he was shot down by ground fire as he attempted to gain height after the attack.
      • The trees, which have been chopped down, but not uprooted, have been replaced by new turf.
      • I was sure he was going to kiss me, for he had placed one arm on each side of me and was leaning down towards my face.
      • The brick paving outside has slowly sunk over the years and no longer slopes down towards the nearest drain.
      • A woman, seen from above, seated in the balcony of a theatre, in her turn looks down on the spectacle below.
      • Ashley stood on the hillside looking down at the devastation below in disbelief.
      • Then one of the two warders threw the case down at his feet and slammed the door shut.
      • When we finally put her bags down in my living room she started to cry.
      • From there they could look down on the city's fine new skyscrapers and modern apartment blocks.
      • Savage put the drink down gently, closed his eyes and opened them again very slowly.
      • Morgan stood up and walked over to the buffet table and looked down at the food.
      • Scroll down while reading each page and then when you come to the end just click to get the next.
      • As well as causing an obstruction, he says the boards are liable to be blown down by the wind, which could damage cars.
      • The youth knocked on his passenger window and asked him to wind it down.
      • He turned sharply racing through on goal only to be pulled down just short of the penalty area.
      • She was heading down from the north and I was on a slightly earlier flight from London.
      • He converted hundreds as he made his way down into the South Leinster border area.
      • A few days ago I ran across an old friend who is now living down here with the new wife and child.
      • All I had to do was get from Hampstead in the north to West Kensington and then down to the South Bank.
      • We are hoping to get them in the north of England where we are stronger but down here it is unlikely.
      • It might have been cold up north, but at least it was sunny - down here it is cold, wet and miserable.
      • It was unusual for me to set off on my own and the journey down was strangely lacking in atmosphere.
      • Katie slept the whole way down, or at least lay on the back seat with her eyes closed.
      • The Premiership boys use planes a lot and it would have been nice to fly down to Exeter but we have to work within our means.
      • I am currently down in Cornwall so do not have a Tale of Two Cities with me.
      • Oddly, my father is from up this way, but did move down, although that was 35 or so years ago.
      • We had mixed weather on the way down, everything from hard driving rain to bright sunshine.
      • Make sure you contact your ferry company before driving down for a Channel crossing this week.
      • Raffles and games on the coach trip down should boost the money raised.
      • The money down there is incredible compared to up here, but I'd play anywhere.
      • They have a big industry down there, and a lot of Irish businesses go there to film.
      • We have to try and prepare as best we can and take the confidence from the win against Wales down with us.
      • I moved down here from Hackney because I thought it would be a better place to bring my child up.
      • According to the ‘RailLinks’ pamphlet, the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire's stately home is down on the south coast, with nearby Bakewell on the Isle of Wight.
      • I'm sure he will go on to achieve great things at the club, and will one day be held in the same regard here as he is down on the south coast.

    • 2.2(downstairs)

      I'll be down right away enseguida bajo

    • 2.3(lowered, pointing downward)

      with the blinds down con las persianas bajadas
      • face/head down boca abajo
      • I had my foot down on the accelerator tenía el pie en / estaba pisando el acelerador

    • 2.4(in position)

      the carpet isn't down yet aún no han puesto / colocado la alfombra
      • I had newspaper down había puesto periódicos (en el suelo)

    • 2.5(prostrate)

      the champ is down! ¡el campeón ha caído en la lona!
      • I was down with flu all last week estuve con gripe toda la semana pasada

  • 3

    • 3.1(of numbers, volume, intensity)

      with the volume down low con el volumen al mínimo
      • my temperature is down to 38°C la fiebre me ha bajado a 38°C
      • attendance/circulation is down la asistencia/circulación ha bajado
      • sterling closed half a cent down al cierre la libra había bajado medio centavo
      • they were two goals down iban perdiendo por dos goles

    • 3.2(in league, table, hierarchy)

      still down at the bottom of the league todavía en el último lugar de la clasificación
      • from the president down desde el presidente para abajo

  • 4

    • 4.1(in, toward the south)

      to go/come down south/to London ir/venir al sur/a Londres
      • people down south/in Mexico la gente del sur/de México

    • 4.2mainly British (at, to another place)

      down on the farm en la granja
      • he's down at the bar está en el bar
      • I'm going down to Anne's/the library voy a casa de Anne/a la biblioteca

    • 4.3mainly British (away from university, major city)

      they're sending a detective down from Scotland Yard van a enviar un detective de Scotland Yard
      • he went down from Oxford in 1967 terminó sus estudios en Oxford en 1967

  • 5

    • 5.1(dismantled, removed)

      the Christmas decorations should be down by now ya deberían haber quitado las decoraciones de Navidad
      • the room looks bare with the pictures down la habitación queda desnuda sin los cuadros
      • once this wall is down una vez que hayan derribado esta pared

    • 5.2(out of action)

      the telephone lines are down las líneas de teléfono están cortadas
      • the system is down again otra vez el sistema no funciona

    • 5.3(deflated)

      one of your tires is down tienes un neumático desinflado

  • 6

    (in writing)
    did you get down what she said? ¿tomaste nota de lo que dijo?
    • he's down for tomorrow at ten está apuntado / anotado para mañana a las diez
    • she's down as unemployed consta / figura como desempleada
  • 7

    (in cash)
    he's demanding $150 down exige un depósito de $150
  • 8

    down to
    • 8.1(as far as)

      from the roof down to the foundations desde el tejado hasta los cimientos
      • right down to the present day hasta nuestros días
      • Armstrong and Aldrin had to jump nearly a metre down from the bottom rung of the ladder to the Moon's surface.
      • The objects from these sites were originally buried two to three feet down at the bottom of graves.
      • We were kitted out with helmets and miners' torch and taken 40 metres down to the pit bottom in a cage.
      • Vandals also dug two feet down into the grave of John Devlin, who died eight years ago.
      • The wreck of the vessel was located, 40 metres down on the seabed, later that morning.
      • The surface of the land has been cleared but the soil is contaminated several feet down.
      • He said they set to work digging several feet down in search of the remains.
      • It is a good 20 feet down and the way he has landed has contributed to how seriously he was hurt.
      • He told the jury a rear patio was completely removed and the soil dug down three feet.
      • The well here was fascinating with two donkeys pulling up a huge leather bucket from 100 feet down.
      • Nine down and six to go, Carlow and Naas are on track for All Ireland League promotion.
      • I think my body knows it's the halfway point of the week, with four shows down and four to go.
      • There is one down and two to go for Inveraray after their intermediate championship victory at Oban yesterday.

    • 8.2(reduced to)

      when the liquid is down to half its volume cuando el líquido se haya reducido a la mitad de su volumen
      • we're down to our last tin of tomatoes nos queda solo una lata de tomates

    • 8.3British (dependent on)

      it's all down to luck todo es cuestión de suerte

    • 8.4(to be done by)

      the rest is down to you el resto depende de ti
      • it's down to the owner to take precautions es responsabilidad del propietario tomar precauciones


  • 1

    • 1.1(in downward direction)

      we ran down the slope corrimos cuesta abajo
      • to come down the stairs bajar por la escalera
      • it fell down a hole se cayó por un agujero
      • to tip sth down the sink tirar algo por el fregadero
      • you've spilled wine down your shirt te has manchado la camisa de vino
      • she looked down the list recorrió la lista con la mirada

    • 1.2(at lower level)

      halfway down the hill a mitad de camino ladera abajo
      • line 26, halfway down the page línea 26, hacia la mitad de la página

  • 2

    • 2.1(along)

      we drove on down the coast/the Mississippi seguimos por la costa/a lo largo del Misisipí
      • as I strolled down the street cuando paseaba por la calle

    • 2.2(further along)

      the library is just down the street la biblioteca está un poco más allá / más adelante
      • 15 miles down the road a 15 millas siguiendo la carretera
      • there's a butcher's 100 yards down the road hay una carnicería unas 100 yardas más adelante

    • 2.3British informal (to, in)

      I've got to go down the shops tengo que ir de compras
      • I saw her down the pub yesterday ayer la vi en el bar

  • 3

    down the ages/centuries a través de los tiempos/los siglos


  • 1

    • 1.1(going downward)

      the down escalator la escalera mecánica de bajada / para bajar
      • Ascending a down escalator, I work at 140 watts.
      • We walked across the terminal toward the down escalator.
      • The jet in question was prepared for flight, so its flaps were already in the down position.
      • Compton, who turns 33 next season, has hit the down slope of his career.
      • I walked to the elevator and pressed the down arrow.
      • If you want to access a recently visited site again, click the down arrow at the right of the address box and select web address from the drop down window.

    • 1.2British (from London)

      the down train el tren de Londres
      • The down train that forms the 9.30 was 9 minutes late.
      • Currently 13 trains a day stop at Pewsey compared with three up trains going to Paddington and three down trains when Mr Nicholls first joined the NDRPA.
      • All down trains of the Central and Western Railway leaving Mumbai today will be running on schedule.
      • The picture shows a double-armed signal post on the down platform, prior to the building of the signal box.

  • 2 informal

    to feel down andar deprimido
    • Hutt was usually ebullient but this time, he came to my office, and he was in a down mood.
    • Have you been feeling down lately about your lack of knowledge of quantum computing?
    • If I had been playing badly, I would have been a bit down, but I wasn't playing badly.
    • I'm not sure I would ever be, but I was feeling a bit down and reluctant to be there.
    • Tanya Anderson said her husband had been a bit down because he had hurt his arm and was in a lot of pain.
    • She'd given up smoking a few months back and put on a bit of weight and been a bit down about it.
    • At the moment they are a little bit down but that's my job to pick them up.
    • A few players have been down in recent weeks but they can, and will, turn it around.
    • On the other hand, he's bringing hope to a people who are still down from losing so many loved ones.
    • It was almost impossible to be down with Jesse around.
    • On Saturday night the mood in the camp was sombre. We were all seriously down.
    • Believe it or not he was still seriously down about getting dumped, which surprised me.
    • She reminds you of your best qualities when you're down, to take the sting out of your woes.
    • I'd always had bouts of feeling down and miserable.


  • 1

    (in US football)
    down masculine
    oportunidad feminine
    • That weakness should not be too great of a negative since the Texans typically do not use a nose tackle on passing downs anyway.
    • A defensive lineman sees about that much action in one series of four downs.
    • The offense has four downs to score a touchdown; the defense must stop the offense or get a turnover.
    • The Rams ran up 40 points, 508 yards, and 32 first downs.
    • But the Giants held the Redskins to two first downs on seven first-half drives.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(drink down)

      (drink) beberse rápidamente
      (drink) tomarse rápidamente
      he downed it in one se lo bebió / se lo tomó de un trago
      • On the one side there were a group of 18 men downing drinks at the bar, seeking the confidence which only alcohol can provide.
      • Still chewing, Faulkner downs his drink in a single gulp.
      • She downed her drink and grabbed two flutes of champagne as she walked in his direction.
      • Alan downed his drink and poured himself another.
      • Mike downed another drink and motioned to the bartender for a refill.
      • ‘She doesn't drink alcohol,’ Daryl said dully as he downed his fourth beer.
      • Bell downs his coffee in a few gulps, warming to his subject.
      • Dan shrugged and downed his whisky.
      • It is healthier to sip a cup of tea several times a day rather than down it all at once.
      • After downing the shot she had three more and then half a bottle of champagne.
      • Kayn simply laughed, and downed another shot as Serge walked away.
      • He downed one more shot and walked to his room to go to sleep.
      • An hour later, she dragged me off the floor and downed another shot.
      • This is a cool bar, if you're ever in Sydney definitely check this one out - i even saw Craig David in there downing a shot with his mates!
      • It would be churlish to refuse, so he downs one, then another, then another.
      • She picked up her water and downed it before collecting her stuff and heading home.
      • They had locked the door and downed the entire bottle and Ti had brought out another one.
      • I didn't drink, but that was ok because Drake just downed his double shot latte and then drank mine.
      • I was slightly tipsy from the two frozen margaritas I'd downed - quickly - half an hour earlier at Taco Milagro.
      • I devoured the sandwich in a minute and Tyler handed me a bottle of water, which I downed in a couple of seconds.

    • 1.2(knock down)

      (person/opponent) tumbar
      (person/opponent) derribar
      • A military spokesman said the AH - 64 Apache helicopter was downed by ground fire in the morning.
      • On August 12, 1944, his P - 51 Mustang was downed by ground fire in southern France.
      • Up to 11 inches of rain fell in the southern part of the state yesterday, downing trees and knocking out power to thousands of people.
      • The blast - as well as downing the aircraft in which it is carried - spreads deadly material across a wide area.
      • Two enemy aircraft were downed, the second being an RAF Typhoon shot down near Rostock on 4 May.
      • The cause of the crash is still not known, but the U.S. Central Command says there is no evidence that hostile fire played any part in downing the aircraft.
      • His first question upon returning to base was whether he had downed a Soviet aircraft.
      • 1918 - Signal Corps pilot LT Paul Baer attacks seven German aircraft, downing one.
      • When maintenance finally downed the aircraft, it was an hour after the problem occurred and 30 minutes past our scheduled takeoff time.
      • On one occasion, 72 Japanese aircraft were downed by Hornet pilots in one day!
      • Another was intercepted by a Spitfire near Newhaven and the pilot died when his plane was downed from the blast.
      • Many more Israeli aircraft have been downed by birds than by enemy air battles in the last three decades…
      • On 5 July, flying near Evreux, he downed his 28th German aircraft and became America's top ace.
      • So far we've been fortunate that they haven't downed any of these piloted aircraft.
      • His Tornado fighter bomber was downed on January 16 during the first wave of air strikes in the '91 Gulf War.
      • The US squad has been missing since June 28 when rebels downed a helicopter sent to extract them, killing all 16 on board.
      • Meanwhile, several American aircraft were downed by Japanese Zero fighters.
      • In October 2000, for the first time, FARC downed a Black Hawk, killing the 22 Colombian soldiers aboard.
      • Two minutes from time, Ayr were awarded a penalty when Andy Lawrie downed substitute Stewart Kean, and Bradford converted the spot-kick with assurance.
      • The all-Polish Kosciuszko Squadron downed 126 German planes - more than any other Royal Air Force squadron.

    • 1.3(shoot down)

      (aircraft) derribar
      (aircraft) abatir

  • 2US informal


There are 3 main translations of down in Spanish

: down1down2down3


plumón, n.

Pronunciation /daʊn/


  • 1

    (on bird)
    plumón masculine
    • I bought a down comforter to put inside the duvet.
    • This soft down is not a real feather, but works as a temporary covering.
  • 2

    (on face, body) vello masculine
    (on face, body) pelusilla feminine
    (on upper lip) bozo masculine
    (on upper lip) pelusilla feminine
    • Every single women on the planet has 'down' on her face- in fact, it's what gives some women that 'perfect complexion' look.
  • 3

    (on plant, fruit)
    pelusa feminine
    • Its leaves, which turn a deep crimson in autumn, are rounded and covered with down.

There are 3 main translations of down in Spanish

: down1down2down3


colinas, n.

Pronunciation /daʊn/


mainly British
  • 1downs plural

    colinas feminine
    • The hills and downs area seemed remote and edgy, in a way far from relaxing.
    • He added the last bit with a glare that went around the whole car, taking note of everyone's expressions as they neared their target, their faces growing grimmer as the flat roads began to move into the rolling hills of the downs.
    • From the village of Jevington climb steeply over the downs then descend to Alfriston, from where you climb again before turning south at Bostal Hill down to the Cuckmere Estuary.
    • The sky is broodingly grey over the humid downs of the Barkly Tableland as a mob of well-fed white Brahman cows and calves quietly shift across the green expanse.
    • The regions rolling hills of this region which are almost treeless like the downs of southern England, have their own quiet beauty.
    • Under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, which came into effect in 2001, the Countryside Agency is charged with drawing up a map giving public access to many mountains, moors, heaths and downs.
    • Owned by descendants of the original lessees who took up the station - sight unseen - in 1877, the famous black soil downs carry more than 60,000 cattle.
    • Having used the sprawling downs for a variety of purposes including grazing their buffaloes over the years, some of the Toda youth are now in the process of adding a new chapter to their chequered history.
    • The county of Wiltshire is sometimes referred to as the chalk and cheese county, dairy products from the lush Salisbury Plain and sheep on the downs.
    • I experienced a similar feeling one August night when we climbed the downs around Folkestone to lie under a meteor shower.
    • Set on the northern edge of the Hampshire downs, Beacon Hill commands fine views northwards with defences utilizing the local topography to good effect.