Translation of down payment in Spanish:

down payment

cuota inicial, n.


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    cuota inicial feminine
    entrega inicial feminine
    entrada feminine Spain
    pie masculine Chile
    to put / make a down payment on sth dar la cuota / entrega inicial para comprar algo
    • You may need money for down payment only or for down payments and few additional installments too.
    • On June 13, the People's Bank of China issued a circular, saying commercial banks should limit lending to real estate developers, beef-up credit management and increase down payments to be paid by buyers of second or luxury homes.
    • This money helps first-time home buyers - people with very little income or with limited income - to get down payments to get into houses.
    • We have mortgage insurance on less than 20% initial down payments and mortgage pool insurance on many of the others.
    • A turnkey package would be offered in return for a down payment and a share of the profits.
    • The report also said continued auto-promotion campaigns featuring low interest rates, low down payments and long installment periods also contributed.
    • Companies are also building cash in ways that don't show up in profits, including such maneuvers as cutting inventories, demanding quicker payment from customers, and slowing down payments to suppliers.
    • If you're not ready this year, start by fixing your credit and saving small amounts toward your down payment.
    • Take out a mortgage with a small down payment and a low adjustable rate.
    • The Jacobses found a federally funded program that helped them with their down payment.
    • The Alternative State Income Mortgage is for self-employed borrowers with high credit quality and large down payments.
    • He already had the initial down payment on this job, another $500,000, in one of his accounts.
    • But details of how big the initial down payment will be, and how fast the total will rise, have yet to be decided.
    • We used that money to make down payments on two more similar properties.
    • That compares with the 20% down payments common just a few years ago.
    • Of those in the unwilling category, 31.3% thought the down payments were so high they might as well pay full price.
    • My down payment was my first month's pay cheque.
    • If you agree to assume those liabilities however, you can reduce your out-of-pocket down payment by that much.
    • The goal is two-fold: to increase her retirement savings and to increase savings for a down payment on a home.
    • In fact, a higher down payment on the larger property allows you to finance the exact amount of mortgage loan you can afford.