Translation of downer in Spanish:


sedante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdaʊnər/ /ˈdaʊnə/

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    sedante masculine
    amansalocos masculine informal, humorous
    • So-called benzos - benzodiazepines include prescription downers such as Valium and Xanax - are commonly mixed with methadone.
    • It should never be used at the same time as any other depressant such as downers, alcohol, GHB, or sedatives.
    • People with bipolar disorder often go undiagnosed for years; many end up self-medicating with booze or illicit drugs - downers mostly, because they help control, if you can call it that, the manic swings of the disorder.
    • They also had about half of the pharmacy at home - as far as mental drugs, mostly downers, are concerned and that was something like a magnet to me, a little private pharmacy.
    • Girls were significantly more likely to have used heroin, PCP, anti-anxiety drugs (used without a prescription), such as Valium or Xanax, and downers.
    • Some people are getting heavy into downers - Reds, Quaaludes, Valiums - and others are gobbling speed, booze, Maalox and other strange medications with fearsome regularity.
    • Behind the scenes, of course, Elvis's descent was intensifying at rapid speed, helped along by a dependence on uppers, downers and painkillers.
    • I'd used downers for a good few years - I'd been addicted to heroin for ten years - and I was sick of it.
    • He goes through an average week for a touring rock band with a timetable that makes taking stimulants a necessity and taking downers and alcohol the only way to relax.
    • I asked for the handful of downers and the bottle of Jose Cuervo, remember?
    • Following a visit to the doctor's, she is on her way to dropping 30 pounds and becoming hooked on the uppers and downers that comprise her diet.
    • For me it's uppers, for you it's downers, but either way, it's the same thing.
    • That's one of the best properties of downers, you don't worry much.
    • My problem wasn't all that exciting; I hadn't been swallowed up by the underground rave scene, nor was I addicted to uppers, downers, or even over-the-counter nasal sprays.
    • If people choose to ingest opium, heroin, cocaine, crack, marijuana, or any of the dozens of uppers, downers, and hallucinogens in common use, let them.
    • Cocaine made you feel confident and optimistic; downers made you feel relaxed and carefree.
    • The quantity of downers he is alleged to have taken would really disrupt his coordination, making it almost impossible for him to play golf as well as he does.
    • Simply banning downers will not fix the problem.
    • Sorry if i sound like I'm on a downer, i didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
    • I think they're downers, but the opposing argument is, how can you be ‘hopped up’ on a downer?
    • Amidst a plethora of depressing statistics, perhaps the biggest downer is the fact that, for the first time since 1986, no Scot won an event on the European Tour.
    • The only downer of the day was experiencing my first Go Gel, which I gulped down after four and a half miles.
    • ‘I don't want to bring a downer on the whole situation because I'm very happy for the Boston Red Sox’ he said.
    • ‘I was on a total downer, blaming other people for my own situation,’ he has said.
    • The only downer was that the durian we bought was an utter disappointment - durian smells bad, sure, but it shouldn't taste like a combination of joggers' socks and onions.
    • Despite all these insurmountable setbacks, this movie is not a complete downer.
    • At least two of the three stories presented could be considered to be downers, so if you're looking for a feel-good experience only, I'd look elsewhere.
    • So I was pretty careful to make sure that aspect of it was shown and not make the whole thing a big downer.
    • ‘Aliens’ is my favorite military and sci-fi movie, but it's a downer and doesn't compare well the aforementioned films.
    • It's put a bit of a downer on Christmas - we don't know if we'll have a job when we go back.
    • Whether you're the warm and fuzzy sort or you're like me, and find enforced jollity a serious downer, it's hard to avoid contemplating hearth and home and the ghosts of Christmas past at this time of year.
    • It's good, and nowhere near the downer I though thought it would be,
    • The only downer was the visibility (not great) and the fact that there was no north-facing view, ie up towards the Empire State building, Midtown and so on.
    • While I enjoyed Breach, I found the melancholy style of the Wallflowers to be a bit of a downer and even the occasional upbeat rhythm isn't enough to make it any less gloomy.
    • The only downer was the trio of uninspiring veg which came with all the main courses and a blanket ban on chips: no one wants new potatoes with a steak, but they promise that a new kitchen by Easter will sort that.
    • I don't think that put a downer on his night though.
    • In fact, I can't quite make up mind about which city do I like more, but yeah, the prohibitive cost of having a roof over your head is a total downer.
    • Yeah, some episodes are downers, but I suppose that might be the point.
    • A number of the stories are downers in which Faustian bargains of one kind or another produce predictable results.
    • I dig this show, but like any other series, it has its share of downers.
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    (depressing experience)
    palo masculine informal
    experiencia deprimente feminine
    to be on a downer estar con la depre informal