Translation of download in Spanish:


descargar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdaʊnˌloʊd/ /ˈdaʊnləʊd/ /daʊnˈləʊd/

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transitive verb

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    • He obtained the data simply by downloading it from the computer processing the transactions.
    • The main application must be corporate users downloading e-mail to their laptops.
    • You're better off purchasing something simple to use or downloading free software from the internet.
    • Each photo can be downloaded as computer desktop wallpaper - good luck choosing just one!
    • For example, each web page that is downloaded will be rounded up to the nearest kilobyte.
    • He then downloaded details of thousands of credit cards and handed them to his partners in crime.
    • One thing you can be sure of: there's no risk of downloading a virus from vaporware.
    • It is thought that internet images on the computer had been downloaded for more than a year.
    • The Codepoint software can also be downloaded to handsets from the server of a mobile network operator.
    • Data is entered online and can be downloaded into an Access database for analysis.
    • You can obtain your own copy of the study by downloading it from the Nielsen and Norman Web site here.
    • They had to programme their robot by using a computer and downloading the information into the robot via a Lego brick.
    • But imagine if these had been downloaded on to a computer and their presence revealed to the police.
    • This was then downloaded onto computer, so it could be edited on screen.
    • By clicking that button, a lot of sites are downloaded onto the computer.
    • Later those details would be downloaded on to a computer and replica cards created to obtain goods and cash.
    • The film cannot be transferred to another device once it is downloaded to a computer.
    • The Windows version can be downloaded here, and there's a beta of the Linux version here.
    • A database of prohibited web sites can also be downloaded for the software to act on.
    • Then, too, the cost of the dial-up call to the ISP is increased by downloading a lot of spam.


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    descarga feminine
    • Most other countries' broadband systems offer far lower upload rates than download ones.
    • Even with 3G, upload speeds are not better because the speeds are download not upload.
    • BitTorrent is designed to replace and enhance the performance of a standard http or ftp download server.
    • Now, Mozilla will have graciously recorded your entire http and ftp download history, so we'll need to deal with that.
    • Internet Frog: a cute way to test your upload and download connection speeds.
    • They both supply the ecommerce and digital download backbone for software publishers.
    • In fact, the code does not cost a penny with SCO providing a rather swift download site for SCO Linux.
    • Websense briefly mistook Microsoft's software download page for a nice big doobie.
    • Samsung is to follow Apple and Sony and launch its own online content download service to promote its digital music players.
    • The UK CD figures should also be carefully read by executives of online music download services.
    • It claims to offer Internet access via satellite at download speeds of 2Mbps.
    • Now you have to pay a minimal fee for full access and download rights for all their in house software.
    • Cutscene movies must be limited to keep download size and rendering time manageable.
    • As we noted earlier, a large splitfile will be cached locally to enable quick recovery from download interruptions.
    • Our writer warned people not to read to much into download figures of open source software.
    • Apple's 50 million download tally was seen by some web sites as inherent admission of failure.
    • Although the company did not offer any download services directly it provided links to websites which did.
    • The offer also includes a free modem, free connection and no download restrictions.
    • Handsets capable of accessing the faster download speeds are in the pipeline too.
    • The carrier pitched the service as a way of bringing on-the-move impulse purchasing to the digital download market.
    • So the software vendors opted for automatic downloads of signature file updates.
    • Some folk will want to transfer video downloads to a portable device and one with a large screen.
    • One tracker can supervise the simultaneous downloads of multiple files.
    • Instead, it only permits streams of music files, while permitting downloads of other content.
    • The extra speed offered by MIMO translates into very fast Web page loading and file downloads.
    • The most popular downloads in the mobile content marketplace are ringtones, music and games.
    • To help you choose, there are lists of the most popular downloads and playlists.
    • The software can analyse text, and it can be configured to strip out adverts and block file downloads.
    • Music downloads and file sharing have ended that dominance.
    • Other Web sites that have published the presentation have seen thousands of downloads, according to data from those sites.
    • For example: if you try doing data downloads in Europe, you'll find it costs.
    • Orange is guessing that news will be a tempting way of getting users to pay premium prices for data downloads.
    • In addition, we regularly provide Service Packs and free downloads on our website.
    • The popularity of digital downloads is measured in official download music charts.
    • The service also blocks pop-ups and accelerates downloads including MP3s and executables.
    • The three computer download test worked like a charm and all downloads were successful.
    • A British company with a history of taking on larger rivals says it owns six patents affecting software downloads.
    • Authorities in Moscow are investigating a Russian website offering cheap music downloads.
    • Legitimate downloads of the software only came out last week, so the attack is timely.
    • Most of the free game downloads are small enough to be downloaded from the internet.