Translation of downplay in Spanish:


quitar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdaʊnˌpleɪ/ /daʊnˈpleɪ/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (importance) quitar
    (story/rumor) quitar importancia a
    • He captures some important changes, but downplays the constraints on choice.
    • The committee report downplays the importance of this episode.
    • But his coverage of the Wagner report greatly downplays the report's criticisms.
    • At others they have sought to discredit the report by suggesting it downplayed the actual extent of such connections.
    • He criticised him for downplaying the importance of public opinion about wanting to see universal suffrage in 2007.
    • The Times has been criticized for downplaying the strike by its own ombudsmen, as well as by actors and activists.
    • The Report repeatedly downplays the effects of violence on men.
    • I think it's very important, and I think it was downplayed at the beginning by the administration.
    • If a compliment did get thrown your way, you either accepted it silently or downplayed it until it sounded more like an insult.
    • I do not think we have ever, at any stage, downplayed the risk to children, but it is important that we do not overplay the risk to children.
    • It was extremely important, the lawyer had said, for her to downplay her looks as much as possible.
    • Even in the scene where he appears majestic, Ellison uses the comic to downplay his regality.
    • Characteristically aloof, she downplays the importance of literary awards, yet recognises the significance they hold for some individuals.
    • He downplays this problem, but I think a close look at the evidence reveals that he is stretching.
    • Jim downplays the loss; thankfully, he didn't sustain any bad physical injuries.
    • He also downplays the quality of early muskets, but that too ignores the same reality.
    • I think Gene is downplaying the tension between a culture dedicated to philosophy and a culture that has committed itself to getting a stable job.
    • In doing so he has challenged the role of landscape photography while furthering it, but at the price of downplaying the individual picture.
    • The sound engineers go way overboard layering the electronica over the instruments, downplaying the women's talents.
    • I mean, we're not downplaying the seriousness of what's gone on here.