Translation of downscale in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdaʊnˌskeɪl/ /ˈdaʊnskeɪl/


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    • He didn't simply allude to his downscale strategy; he stated it baldly: ‘I'm happy that the stock market has boomed and so many businesses and new enterprises have done well,’ he said.
    • These were just some of the voters who were still in play this fall - the majority of them white, downscale, worried about the economy, worried about terrorism, and worried about the condition of the cultural climate.
    • They invoke their particular (and often overlapping, and indeed she was one of his) gods and plunge out of downscale teenage bedrooms, brandishing shards of imagery as peculiarly-shaped as prison shivs.
    • Though many critics and the actors themselves consider this production to be more downscale than the original London and New York shows in terms of set design, the set was the most impressive feature, if slightly short of spectacular.
    • Marilyn was staying at the decidedly downscale Park Hotel, across from the similarly down-scale Champs Mars, Port-au-Prince's town square.
    • ‘The Herald’ has been kind of reinventing itself as a downscale tabloid this year, after a number of years of being a pretty good local news outlet.
    • When he goes back to his hotel room in a downscale section of Los Angeles, the amenities are even fewer.
    • The best argument for HH is that the comparatively downscale Pico neighborhood would finally get one of its own elected to city government.
    • You do end up spending more than you would on a pint and a burger but you get refined upscale cuisine for a relatively downscale price.
    • It's an anonymous block in a darkened corner of the downscale shopping centre that passes for the heart of Mt Roskill, one of New Zealand's odder suburbs.
    • The fact is upscale and downscale liberals alike loathe the man.
    • The downscale springs are marvelously unsupervised, especially at night.
    • The restaurant is a downscale restaurant in a side street in the tourist-rich Tsimshatsui area.
    • So, in search of new thrills, we are hungrily opting for downscale pleasures.
    • Sub-brands and endorsed brands are particularly relevant for vertical stretches where the brand needs to access upscale or downscale markets.
    • The downscale storefronts he depicts all include some kind of outlet for transcendence, whether it be a liquor store, palm reader, porno shop or church.
    • I would have thought that over the years The New York Times might have become less naive about the arts, but it seems to have become more pretentious and downscale.
    • When we first started Tierra Nueva del Norte, we moved into a downscale residential neighborhood a few blocks from the Latino center of Burlington.
    • Visitors entered a run-down building in a downscale neighborhood to discover what appeared to be a decrepit, abandoned reptile zoo.
    • Their downscale rural counterparts, meanwhile, favor The Drew Carey Show, Woman's Day, and car races.