Translation of downtime in Spanish:


tiempo inactivo, n.


(down time)
  • 1

    (of machines, computers)
    tiempo inactivo masculine
    tiempo de inactividad masculine
    tiempo muerto masculine
    • This self-study course is ideal for any home computer user, students in grades 8 and up or any business person who wants to make sure that the down time for their computers is kept at a minimum.
    • In those twelve months of operation, we have had absolutely no down time due to the Linux operating system.
    • Unfortunately because they target infrastructure, non-infected computers can still be affected through Internet down time.
    • For example, in the event of an outage, replication of content would allow an organization whose local IT resources no longer function to quickly access data at the remote site with virtually no down time.
    • The job of keeping down time to a minimum falls to the system administrator.
    • Primary amongst these are the ability to support non-disruptive operations and significantly reduce, or eliminate, the need for down time, coupled with efficient storage management.
    • With server down time costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars a minute, even speeding up the recovery of a failed machine by a few minutes can pay big dividends.
    • Data mirroring from disk-to-disk can allow for minimum down time of seconds compared to minutes or hours when restoring from tape.
    • It is particularly attractive as a quick fix when the main network server is running out of storage space and there isn't any down time available for maintenance because a NAS device is easy to install.
    • Additionally, such an approach typically requires periodic reassessment and rebalancing of the storage resources - often accompanied by system down time.
    • With only a few minor adjustments to the clients, the students experienced only about 40 minutes of down time.
    • Previously, talk in the industry centered on the cost of down time and the hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of dollars per hour that were lost.
    • In fact, if they can do it quickly during down time it may be a ‘refresher’ that lets them be more productive the rest of the time.
    • There were no bugs, no down time, no incident whatsoever aside from a few hours of lag which were quickly dealt with by the live team.
    • The rectifiers are fully redundant and hot pluggable for replacement or maintenance without any down time.
    • Today's business does not allow for down time due to IT failure, maintenance or any other reason.
    • This significant restore latency results in substantial down time and lost productivity.
    • The cost of such a solution is justified by the cost to the business of even a few minutes of down time.
    • The assembly department is reducing down time and increasing throughput by pursuing what seems to be a growing trend: de-automation.
    • There's a lot of down time while the oil strainer cleans each pressure fryer.
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    período de descanso masculine
    • You probably don't have much time to relax these days, but in those moments or hours in which you do, how do you spend your down time, how do you unwind so to speak?
    • I'm going to give it all up - job security, three months' down time, a machine that recruits itself - to stroke my ego and prove I can coach in the NFL.
    • I was a VM systems programmer from 1992 to 1994; during that time, we typically had under an hour of scheduled down time a year.
    • The longer winter break does mean more down time for students without jobs, but provides more earning time for students who find employment.
    • He said proudly, ‘I had two days down time in eight years.’
    • Camp counselors notice that homesickness tends to worsen when a child has down time - during early morning, rest hour, and just before bed, for example - and that it can be contagious.
    • I gave the example that on the current provision of 3 weeks' annual leave, and other entitlements, the actual down time is about 280 hours.
    • I need a bit of down time and just right now I'm enjoying this moment with my team.
    • ‘Specifically, juggling the demands of a busy career with the need for some down time and my love of vacations-as anyone who knows me knows,’ she says.
    • You will find ACL surgery is creating much less down time for athletes these days.
    • He's soon leading a double life, stalking his latest assignment while dancing in whatever down time he can find.
    • They also were hoping for some down time to spend some quality time with each other without children around.
    • I'll be back, hopefully with something to say (and enough down time during the work day to say it) on Monday.
    • Daily, weekly, or seasonal projections can be made on the basis of historical demand so that both down time and overtime are minimized.
    • His down time in the first month should allow him to be fresh late in the year-a significant plus as the weather turns bad and the team must depend more on its power game.
    • You don't even pay for lunch breaks, coffee breaks, overtime or any sort of down time - you pay for the seconds that your VA is at his/her desk and entirely concentrated on your work.
    • He seems to recover well with some down time and some renewed attention to his mechanics, but without knowing what the MRIs have shown, we can only guess that there's some damage inside the arm.
    • Summer holidays are a great time for reading to children and it provides a perfect excuse for some midday down time, while a handful of coloured pencils, felt pens and paper provide a good hour of drawing at shaded campsite picnic tables.
    • Facial procedures that offer little down time while giving the recipient a treatment that makes a big difference in their appearance within hours are popular among the 30 to 50 age group.
    • But the winter down time is important to meet the demands of the summer, she pointed out.