Traducción de downtrend en español:


tendencia a la baja, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdaʊntrɛnd/


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    tendencia a la baja femenino
    • ‘We've been on an economic downtrend for the past three years that needs to be stopped,’ said the head of the BDA employers association.
    • At least part of it should be used to repay borrowings, as I think the long-term downtrend in interest rates is over.
    • The US economy is still on a strong downtrend with no signs of stabilisation yet on the horizon.
    • It makes you wonder, sometimes, who is buying an issue today or over the last several weeks when this chart clearly shows a confirmed downtrend and no real turnaround in sight.
    • The downtrend in the annual rate of inflation, which began in the middle of 1998-99 continued in 1999-2000.
    • If prices are in a downtrend and open interest is on the rise, chartists know that new money is coming into the market, showing aggressive new short selling.
    • Nevertheless, the bank cannot ignore the difficulties that manufacturing faces for too long and, given the sustained downtrend in inflation, it should reconsider cutting rates in June.
    • They rise less on the uptrends, and fall less on the downtrends.
    • The downtrend has been felt most by small-scale farmers, some of whom have come together to form cooperatives and joined organizations around the world who promote Fair Trade practices.
    • This downtrend in self-reported health as people get older is also true of people born in earlier decades as far back as reliable data go.
    • Considering the downtrend in the IT industry, they chose to work for themselves, instead of working for others.
    • Analysts said the downtrend in negative equity is part of an overall improvement in the asset quality of banks and a restructuring of loans.
    • The fortunes of the traditional coir yarn spinners, mat weavers and carpet-makers have been on the downtrend.
    • Corporates can use the volatility in the markets to their advantage by buying additional units during a downtrend.
    • The NSI business surveys show a downtrend in retail traders' expectations regarding sales.
    • Bears that exit with a profit cause a flat open interest in a downtrend, meaning that the best gains from the downtrend have probably already been had.
    • This massive monetary expansion has been accompanied by a steep downtrend in the federal funds rate.
    • If signals from both the EMA and the MACD histogram point in the same direction, both inertia and momentum are working together toward clear uptrends or downtrends.
    • In a weekly uptrend, continue adding to longs whenever the force index turns negative; continually add to shorts in downtrends whenever the force index turns positive.
    • In downtrends, trend-following indicators suggest selling short, but oscillators become oversold and issue signals to buy.