Traducción de downward en español:


hacia abajo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdaʊnwərd/ /ˈdaʊnwəd/


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    (direction/pressure) hacia abajo
    (movement/spiral) descendente
    (tendency) Finanzas a la baja
    the downward slide of the pound el descenso de la libra
    • a downward path un camino en bajada / cuesta abajo
    • He said construction inflation was on a downward trend and prices for tenders were coming down steadily.
    • They seem to envisage an irreversible downward spiral leading to the depopulation of Australia.
    • After all there is an intense competition, creating a downward spiral leading to unviable rates?
    • This has proven to be a vicious downward spiral leading to the destruction of all past gains won in decades of struggle.
    • New figures to be published this week are expected to confirm the downward trend in house price inflation.
    • The number of people smoking has been falling for a decade, but the downward trend appears to have stopped.
    • The question is, will the downward trend continue and are falling rental incomes a nationwide epidemic?
    • His large, painted mouth retained its huge downward curve.
    • All the so-called triumphs of efficient production are simply attempts to slow down the pace of the downward curve.
    • Although the profits are still smaller than the accumulated losses, at least the downward curve has been reversed.
    • It was his intention to continue this downward trend in the future.
    • One thing is beyond doubt: his earnings are now on a downward curve.
    • The next three-year strategy would aim to get crime back on a downward trend.
    • When people get in a downward spiral, they have difficulty breaking that pattern.
    • Which will put more downward pressure on the dollar.
    • In addition, logistics inefficiency increases transaction costs that in turn put more downward pressure on competitiveness.
    • The only debate can be about precisely when that downward slide began.
    • "Companies with good corporate structures in place are much more likely to avert sharp downward movements in earnings.
    • Manufacturing industries accounted for the lion's share of the downward revision to profits.
    • They are changes that must happen when oil supplies start their inevitable downward slide.


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    (slope/roll/curve) hacia abajo
    face downward boca abajo
    • he revised his estimate downward revisó su presupuesto a la baja
    • It is generally longer than it is wide and its floor slopes downwards towards a junction either with another valley or a plain.
    • The talonid basin lacks rugosity and slopes gently downward towards the ectolophid.
    • I cast my gaze downwards towards the floor then looked back up at his hazel eyes.
    • We had gone barely a hundred yards when a few snowflakes began to drift downwards.
    • Rub a little oil over the body and progress downwards towards the feet.
    • I shall only sell if they head downwards towards my break-even point.
    • They plunged downward towards a huddle of shanties on the edge of a huge city.
    • The bridge sloped downwards halfway across, until it was level with the other side.
    • The net internal effect will ultimately drive the cost of the brand up and drive quality levels downwards.
    • One thing about walking around a lot with a small child is that your eyes are always looking downwards towards the pavement.
    • Clasping his hands together, he took a deep breath to lengthen his spine and looked gently downward toward the plush, carpeted floor.
    • She finally rounded a corner and noticed that the path this time seemed to slope downwards.
    • Rather than following the classic coral slope downwards, I head for the shallows.
    • This plateau slopes downward to the north until it reaches the sea.
    • Nearly all beach sands have distinctive stratification that dips downward toward the water.
    • She smiles slightly, looking downward at the floor and notices the blue box in Jason's hands.
    • Steve's eyes slant slightly downward, a sign of kindness.
    • By contrast, the trends for indicators of disabling asthma turned downwards in 1989.
    • Our expectations had been managed downward for more than a year.
    • He said other factories are just chalking the price downwards at every opportunity.