Traducción de doyenne en español:


decana, n.

Pronunciación /dɔɪˈ(j)ɛn/ /ˈdɔɪɛn/ /dɔɪˈɛn/ /dwʌˈjɛn/

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  • 1

    decana femenino
    gran dama femenino
    • But if she became a doyenne in her chosen field, she never quite lost touch with her love affair with the opposite end of the lens.
    • She talks to the former doyenne of daytime TV about her comeback.
    • She has become the doyenne of historical fiction in this country.
    • The doyenne of New Zealand letters, and a woman especially respected for her success in combining sound historical scholarship with writing for children, turned eighty-five.
    • The title track is unashamedly in the mould of the current doyennes of the mainstream.
    • The doyennes of television are head to head in the competition to present the books programme for the soon-to-be-launched digital channel.
    • This is their first professional outing to Edinburgh, which they hoped, in part, to finance through donations from the doyennes of British crime drama.
    • The doyenne of method acting was quoted as saying, ‘I've worked with a lot of people, but you've got real potential.’
    • It has just finished screening a series about the launch of a new magazine company by the doyenne of women's glossies.
    • The project's director is a doyenne of progressive-education pedagogy in America.
    • She is, undoubtedly, the doyenne of Irish actresses.
    • Come downtown to see the doyenne of easy listening.
    • The doyenne of British ethicists made the case for separating the twins.
    • Once tailor made for the doyennes of chic, high-fashion magazines served up haute couture that only an elite few could actually afford.
    • Even being surrounded by noisy, bustling society doyennes can't disturb the older woman's serene charm.
    • ‘I think [she] dresses badly,’ the doyenne of Paris fashion told The Daily Telegraph.
    • On a recent survey of how well-known companies respond to their electronic messages, the domestic doyenne turned mega-entrepreneur failed miserably.
    • She is executive director of the Institute for New Media Studies and the doyenne of digital storytelling.
    • The doyenne of Mexican cooking speaks on the simplest of staples.
    • She laments that she will no longer be the doyenne of Boston society that she once was.