Translation of drab in Spanish:


soso, adj.

Pronunciation /dræb/ /drab/

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    (clothing/decor/appearance) soso
    (clothing/decor/appearance) sin gracia
    a drab green un verde apagado
    • Handicrafts have been directed not only to fulfil one's daily requirement but to add beauty and brightness in the otherwise dull and drab existence.
    • Whatever this meeting brought, one thing for sure was that it would brighten my somewhat drab existence - my so-called life.
    • It's the only point of interest in his excruciatingly drab life, which is rendered more unhappy by his incessant bullying at the hands of seven overbearing sisters.
    • The wizard turned what would have been a dull and drab lecture into an interesting one.
    • To be fair, much of that is probably due to the general lack of interest in Howard's drab party.
    • I was working in the day for commercial illustrators in Pitt Street and it was a drab existence I can tell you.
    • I also think many scenes look too drab and boring, when others are so bright and vivid, but I can't deny that the story works.
    • As soon as the door closed behind her I hurried to the dirty window in the front room and I watched as she walked down the street looking remarkably out of place in the drab surroundings in her bright green dress.
    • Life in the orphanage was a rather drab existence.
    • Every one of them seemed to have a stream of people entering or leaving them, except for one, a squat building painted brightly against its drab background.
    • Grouping four or five boxwood in one area and using different sized pots make an eyecatching bright green display to brighten up an otherwise drab spot.
    • It continues to thrive on juxtapositions, the mixture of the shiny new gems and the bright life behind the drab facades of the old buildings.
    • She offered Billy a clear route of escape from his drab existence, even if was hard to understand how she could really be interested in him.
    • Once in France, the family settled in a cramped flat in the drab Paris suburb of Trappes, which is close to Versailles.
    • They jumped and turned about in time to see a gaunt, sour-faced gray man in drab clothing appear with a blue cap in his hand.
    • Looking around I could see clumps of snowdrops which brightened the drab countryside.
    • They seemed a drab assortment of mediocrities.
    • A great performance by Polanski as the boring, drab office worker who slowly goes insane, and, consequently, sheds his inhibited personality.
    • In a clear departure from the dull and drab appearance that Government publications are usually identified with, the newsletters sport a jaunty look.
    • I'm really feeling quite drab and dull this week.
    • His hat matched his light brown, drab overcoat.
    • They were dressed in their brown drab uniform with armor strapped over it and sporting open faced helmets; they were the enemy.
    • As if dressing for their performance, the males turn from drab brown to a pale beige color that contrasts with the darker mud.
    • A drab brown little bird, it has a weak but musical song, which doesn't carry far but can be heard from low bushes or hedges.
    • The shape-changer looked down at himself, observing drab brown feathers, barred and speckled, that covered a body half the size of the bird before him.
    • They are colored to blend in with their sandy environment: most are whitish or drab brown, and many have red-tinged or dark mottling along the back and head.
    • Garbed in regally beaded, colorful gowns of orange and blue-green instead of their normally drab brown shifts, they looked almost like royalty.
    • The hall chosen for the day's meeting was covered in drab brown, and filled with seats in a semicircle arrangement, slanted down and around the stage, at the foot of the seating.
    • Females are a mottled drab brown with a long, orange, black splotched bill, black crown, dark eye-line, and orange legs.
    • A splendid Stalagmite standing 2 to 3 feet high and set apart from the drab brown of the rest of the passage by its white crystalline purity greeted my ascent.
    • The jester was wearing drab brown, had tied his curly black hair back neatly, and on the whole looked like an entirely different person.
    • They seemed to be called away from whatever task they happened to be doing, dressed in drab blacks, browns, and blues.
    • All of them wore their drab browns with the exception of their red-clad King.
    • The castle was a dark grey in stone, built into a lush gray mountain, on top of earth that was a very drab shade of light black.
    • Outside of the breeding season, the male is drab brown with hints of yellow and white wing-bars.
    • Set in the middle-of-nowhere, the color schemes of drab browns and blues enhance the terror already in the air.
    • For the costumes they had gone quite traditional Isreali with long skirts for both sexes and very drab colours.
    • Part of this comes from the business, but part of it comes from creative use of drab colours.
    • After months in the desert, surrounded by drab camouflage gear, the soldiers smiled broadly at the flight attendants as they boarded the plane.
    • Despite its drab colour, Tokyo is immaculately clean.
    • We captured nine drab males and nine bright males from each site.
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    (life/occupation) gris
    (life/occupation) monótono