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draft dodger

insumiso, n.

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    insumiso masculino España
    remiso masculino Andes
    prófugo masculino
    prófuga femenino
    • They are following in the footsteps of tens of thousands of military deserters and draft dodgers who went to Canada during the Vietnam War.
    • There is only one group that likes the idea of conscription less than future draft dodgers: the military.
    • You claim that Rush Limbaugh is a draft dodger who avoided Vietnam because he had a ‘pimple on his rear.’
    • A policeman and a draft board employee scour their district for draft dodgers, who utilize all possible means to avoid military service.
    • Yes, we had slackers, draft dodgers and antiwar advocates, but they got short shrift, little attention and almost no press.
    • He is a draft dodger who was often AWOL.
    • The discontent spread to the army from which deserters joined draft dodgers in gangs that attacked government supply trains and raided plantations.
    • Well I mean, first of all during the Vietnam War, Canada accepted draft dodgers but also deserters.
    • Last but not least, there is the experience of the Vietnam War, when tens of thousands of US draft dodgers and deserters found asylum in Canada.
    • He himself was a draft dodger who came to Canada to avoid the Vietnam War.
    • As a Quaker, the American was jailed during the Vietnam War for flying draft dodgers to Canada and Mexico.
    • Here he is with Hanoi Jane, in the front lines with the flag burners and draft dodgers.
    • Officials have said he is a draft dodger.
    • On Earth violent criminals and draft dodgers weren't the only kinds of people that ended up here.
    • Canada benefitted greatly from the influx of draft dodgers during the Vietnam debacle.
    • I found it very interesting that in essence he admitted to being a draft dodger…
    • Was the current commander-in-chief a draft dodger?
    • Ali was also considered by many to be a draft dodger.
    • There's worse things you can be than a draft dodger.