Translation of drainage in Spanish:


desagüe (de aguas residuales), n.

Pronunciation /ˈdreɪnɪdʒ/

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    (of household waste) desagüe (de aguas residuales) masculine
    (of rainwater) canalización (de agua de lluvia) feminine
    drainage system red de alcantarillado
    • Hydrostatic pressure can build up behind a stone wall if there is inadequate drainage at the base.
    • Ventilation and drainage of their secretions is essential for proper functioning.
    • Bladder injury during colposuspension requires formal surgical closure and drainage for five days.
    • Only in the west, on the Isle of Purbeck, did some minor southward drainage develop across the monocline.
    • A perforated plastic plate was taped over the base of the pots to retain the growth medium and assist drainage.
    • Pressure inside the eye becomes too high, the result of an obstruction to the normal flow and drainage of fluid.
    • He employs up to 60 casual labourers at a time for his land drainage business.
    • The ECB is also considering improving drainage of the outfield as a second phase of the development project.
    • It has more to do with efficient drainage to the east and inefficient drainage through their community.
    • The terrain here is flat, and the poor drainage encourages the creation of wetlands and bogs.
    • However, it extends across the mountain massif to include part of the western flowing Dyfi drainage.
    • The flow ceases when sufficient drainage has occurred to recover the effective stress.
    • The main cause of surgical failure is postoperative scarring of the drainage channel and drainage bleb.
    • The Steinbach field, through better drainage is drier and was quite adequate to play on in the weekend.
    • The deep ruts were dug to improve drainage so that more of the Yorkshire Dales National Park could be used for agriculture.
    • He also drove bulldozers that excavated the lands preparing it for drainage.
    • An improved system has been installed since the course was built and sand is regularly spread over the course to aid drainage.
    • The establishment of retention ponds to slow the rate of drainage downstream is a possibility.
    • Over 250 players used the pitches every week but poor drainage has put them out of bounds for the past two seasons.
    • He used the basic Roman system of strong foundations, with layers of rocks, stones and gravel to aid drainage.
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    (of fields, marshes)
    drenaje masculine
    avenamiento masculine
    (ditch/channel) (before noun) de drenaje
    (ditch/channel) (before noun) de avenamiento
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    drenaje masculine