Translation of draining board in Spanish:

draining board

escurridero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdreɪnɪŋ bɔrd/ /ˈdreɪnɪŋ bɔːd/

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    escurridero masculine
    • The ‘Fairy’ was used for such jobs as getting grime out of clothing, washing the draining board of the sink, and cleaning the necks of you boys visiting on holiday!
    • Stainless steel kitchen sinks with deep washbowls and grooved draining boards, made washing up much easier after a meal.
    • You stack the silverware, the plates, the glasses away neatly in their designated places, wipe down the sink and the draining boards and give a big sigh.
    • Two cans of Barkeeper's Friend - the only cleaning powder that really works on metal sinks and draining boards.
    • The dirty dishes stood on the draining board, a sad reminder of my age-diminished enthusiasm for housekeeping.
    • It is so cramped that files sit on the draining board on the small sink behind her desk.
    • She gestured at carefully piled plates and bowls stacked on shelves and bluebell-patterned cups and saucers gleaming on the draining board by the sink.
    • This was my sentiment before I returned home last night to discover that the builders had ripped out the boiler, filled the kitchen sink with sawdust and left a half-eaten doughnut on the draining board.
    • Such families also are guaranteed to leave badly washed dishes and pots on the draining board despite the presence of a dishwasher.
    • Kind of like having a right-hander's kitchen where the draining board is on the left of the sink and the cutlery draw is to the right.
    • Put it on your kitchen draining board with one end trailing into a water-filled sink and stand your plants upon it.
    • Weeks when dishes have spread like a fungus across the draining board.
    • The dishes all had to be ferried to the bathroom, washed and then brought back again to drain on the draining board.
    • This time I fumbled at exactly the wrong moment, dropped the little syringe and knocked the bottle over, depositing warm oil all over the draining board.
    • In these homes there is never more than a couple of mugs on the draining board, the ironing basket never contains more than three garments and the car keys are never lost.
    • The magpie had now decided that one dessert spoon was not going to satisfy and had hopped onto my draining board and perched on top of a pot that was full of just washed cutlery.
    • Dolly the cat was sitting on the draining board in the kitchen.
    • In an interview he said he had then picked up a vegetable knife from the draining board, hoping to deter the man.
    • Having used the teaspoon to make your cup of tea or coffee don't just leave it in a cup of cold water or lying on the draining board.
    • It looks a bit strange sitting on the draining board next to the 7 large brown hens eggs from today.