Translation of dram in Spanish:


copita, n.

Pronunciation /dræm/ /dram/


  • 1mainly Scottish

    (of Scotch, spirits)
    copita feminine
    • The other common cliché is the kilted bagpiper who eats haggis, neeps and tatties when he's not munching shortbread, and sips wee drams of whisky.
    • We had a wee dram of whisky, not much - there was one bottle between 14 of us.
    • He's part of the generous crew of distillers and bottlers dispensing drams at the 2004 whisky festival.
    • It can spot a dodgy dram of whisky, a mucky drop of water or adulterated petrol, in moments.
    • To serve, slit the haggis down the middle and spoon the gushing entrails on to warmed plates with the clapshot and a wee dram or two.
    • They left the ship to tour Islay's Bowmore whisky distillery to enjoy a wee dram or two, while the Princess Royal went on her textile trek.
    • And when their luck isn't so good (think potato famine), they can console themselves with a wee dram of their own invention - whiskey.
    • Big hands, carefully lighting his pipe. Huge fingers, wrapped around a dram of whisky.
    • While their induction might involve a few drams of malt whisky, they will also experience the office's wonderful rural setting outside Edinburgh just a stone's throw from the Pentland Hills.
    • The fantastic views, fresh air and amazing sky, plus the generous drams of whisky, combined to produce a truly sublime atmosphere.
    • On the deck of our elegant vessel, we savour not-so-wee drams of whisky and gin.
    • He started drinking at 14 when his alcoholic, Glaswegian grandmother would wake him for his 4am milk round with a dram of whisky.
    • It was his Scottish granny who introduced him to drink, aged 12, when she would wake him for his 4am milk-round with a dram of whisky.
    • But I refuse, because in the same way you might pour yourself a glass of wine or a dram of whisky, at the end of a hard days work I like nothing more than to skin up a joint and get high.
    • Recently, I poured a whisky hack a dram and challenged him to name the region and distillery.
    • But the majority of malt whisky drinkers want a dram with an identity, a bit of history, a place in the world.
    • Doctors administered two drams of whisky, followed by a dram every hour through the night as they monitored the level of antifreeze in her blood.
    • Blended whisky is - as the name suggests - a blend of different whiskies from different distilleries to make a lighter dram, and this is the warming drink that originally became so popular around the globe.
    • One sheriff admitted handing out 6000 certificates, for which he was either paid a shilling or given a dram of whisky.
    • So who will be enjoying a wee dram and celebrating lower interest rates this weekend, and who will be crying in their beer?
  • 2

    medida de capacidad equivalente a 1,77cc (fluid measure)
    • Natural record is 25 lb 5oz 12 drams, captured in 1996 from Loch Awe.
    • It could be measured out in drams, oceans, mountains, worlds, whatever quantum the thought deserved.
    • Oil of the seed, given from half a scruple to half a dram, in some liquor, or a spoonful of juice in some wine, taken before the fit comes on, and the person is put to bed, cures quotidians and quartans.
    • Make a working solution of the developer by mixing 1 dram of developer stock to one ounce of water, adding a grain of oxalic acid to each ounce.
    • The current boat record is 4lb 6oz 8 drams, whilst the shore best is 4lb 15 oz 3 drams.
    • Despite growing to over twice this size in Europe, the British record has only slowly increased to 19 lb 5oz 8 drams.
    • The boat record is a whopper of 10 lb 3oz 8 drams, whilst the shore caught best is a fish of 8lb 6oz 14 drams.
  • 3 archaic

    unidad de peso equivalente a 3,88 gr en EEUU y a 1,77 gr en el RU