Traducción de drank en español:


Pronunciación /dræŋk/ /draŋk/


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    • In 1997, 35 percent of coffee drinkers indicated they drank specialty coffees.
    • Some 70,000 guests drank, danced, listened to lectures or explored the museum on their own.
    • We drove around all day, doing interviews, and then ate and drank together in the evenings.
    • Among teens that already drank milk, consumption increased by 6 percent during that same time period.
    • We learn that afterwards his marriage failed and that he drank heavily.
    • Melville wore a Stetson and drank Coca-Cola.
    • Students drank fruit juice for 10 weeks that had been fortified with either 10 mg or 20 mg of zinc or that had not been fortified at all.
    • He never smoked or drank.
    • They talked and drank all night.
    • The man said it was the burdock tea he made with the burrs and drank daily that kept him strong, and not sick a day in this life!