Translation of drape in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dreɪp/

See Spanish definition of cubrir

transitive verb

  • 1

    they draped a flag over the tomb colocaron una bandera formando pliegues sobre la tumba
    • the dress was draped in graceful folds el vestido tenía un elegante drapeado
    • she draped herself over the sofa se tendió sobre el sofá
    • he draped his legs over the arm of the chair se acomodó poniendo las piernas sobre el brazo del sillón
    • Ariel has draped some clothing on the tree and Trinculo takes a robe and puts it on.
    • She dressed quickly, and draped a yellow scarf over her shoulders.
    • Her green jacket was loosely draped in the crook of her elbow, and her jeans were clean, as if they had been purchased recently.
    • I took the piece of cloth and found holes where the head and the arm would go though, and draped the clothing over my head.
    • Create your own fashion originals by freely draping fabric directly on the dress form.
    • A see-through white scarf was draped over his leather belt and trailed down the back of his dark purple leg-armor.
    • A yellow shawl to match her dress was draped over her forearms, and she chuckled nervously at Allen's reaction.
    • Logan dressed in a pair of shorts and draped a shirt and towel over his shoulder before he walked over to Brett's room to see if he wanted to join him.
    • His suit jacket was draped over his chair and his tie was loosened a bit so he could work comfortably before he left.
    • The main color was teal but a darker blue see-through skirt was draped over the bottom of the dress.
    • He draped his suit jacket over the chair and walked over to his answering machine.
    • Hajnalka's four-year-old daughter Regina flops down between them and closes her eyes as Mark drapes his sweater over her.
    • Women born in the Sixties onwards are so unused to chivalry that we wouldn't know what to do with it if it bit us on the nose, apologised and draped its coat over that puddle we were about to step into.
    • In a further affront to American freedoms, a traditional scarf was draped over her shoulders.
    • I draped my scarf across the coat hanger and turned around.
    • ‘No, this booth is free,’ Alan announced grandly, abandoning his pint and draping his coat over his shoulders.
    • Mills came in, draping his coat over the back of the chair.
    • Nathan turned away, draping his coat across one of the stools before helping himself to the contents of the coffee pot.
    • Dare's leather jacket was draped across the back of the sofa.
    • My own coat was still draped over the chair by the door, but even from where I stood I could see loose threads dangling from the seams.
  • 2

    the furniture was draped with sheets los muebles estaban cubiertos con sábanas
    • She was squatting by the fire wrapped in scarlet cloth, her shoulders draped in a soiled blanket.
    • The fact is that on the streets of India, certainly by Western standards, most women appear to be draped, swathed and completely covered in fabric.
    • All the furniture is draped in grey blankets to make it more sophisticatedly grey.
    • They are also draped in sarees and decorated adeptly with jewels.
    • The flag should not be used as a drapery, or for covering a speakers desk, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general.
    • We've taken to draping a blanket over the sofa during the week when we are gone all day, and then throwing that in the wash once a week.
    • Mark gently removed the hand from his waist and sat up, draping the blanket onto Claire.
    • She drapes the warm blanket around his shivering skin.
    • A cozy blanket drapes your lap, electric-blue shadows flicker in the dimly lit room.
    • He drapes a blanket over me, drops a kiss on my forehead and he leaves, locking the door silently behind him.
    • He held up a blanket and draped it around my shoulders.
    • She was draped in a shimmering golden cloth that barely covered her and was held in place by a ruby pin.
    • His coffin was draped in a Union flag and was carried by six soldiers from his artillery battery.
    • At his funeral the coffin was draped with the club flag and members carried the coffin.
    • His 6'4'' body is in a coffin draped with the American flag.
    • There was at least thirty people sitting at both sides of the table, all draped in black robes.
    • Instead, he saw a tall woman, draped in rose silk.
    • The walls and beds were draped in silks and velvets.
    • Behind them a van draped with garlands crept along, its rear doors open.
    • The rest of the room was draped in a majestic red; the carpet a deep burgundy color.