Traducción de drapery en español:


mercería, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdreɪp(ə)ri/

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nombreplural draperies

  • 1Britanico

    • 1.1(merchandise)

      mercería femenino

    • 1.2(shop)

      mercería femenino
      pañería femenino anticuado

  • 2

    colgaduras femenino
    (clothing) ropajes masculino
    (clothing) paños masculino
    • Naked areas are set off by ravishing textiles, and body parts, particularly, are often framed by gorgeously patterned and richly folded draperies.
    • These draperies, of cream linen burlap, hang in her own West Vancouver home.
    • There, it is a sharply bent elbow or a protruding knee that becomes a kind of fulcrum and guide for radiating and zigzagging patterns of wrinkles and folds in the draperies.
    • Canopies, finely executed pillars, draperies folded in gentle scallops and garlands lend to her pictures an aura of opulence.
    • The fine draperies and linens had been removed along with the fine works of art and small sculptures.
    • I saw a sleekly tailored, highly social downtown real estate broker feting compadres at a table in a compartment created by all those velvet draperies, and he was greeted by a doting staff as a prized regular.
    • It had light green draperies attached, creating a romantic warmth.
    • Are these textiles Baroque draperies, shrouds or the curtains of a luxurious four-poster bed defiled and destroyed?
    • Chen emphasises the pleasant and relaxed leisure of the court ladies, while not forgetting to emphasise their feminine charms - their fragile bodies wrapped in magnificent silk clothing and draperies.
    • We developed a cloth system that allowed the artists to place draperies in the player's path, which creates a very sensuous feeling, and a glow system that adds texture and magic to the light.
    • Women of the brothel were said to wear transparent cloth, and vase-painters paid great attention to how much of a woman's body was visible beneath her draperies, an indication of her sexual availability and/or the quality of the material.
    • Burmeister's version ends happily, but not without Siegfried struggling in the water, coming up for air, and with Odile restored to her virginal white draperies.
    • Furthermore, the same kind of surface treatment is to be found in the various draperies scattered on the steps of the temple as a result the heretical abandonment of the cult of the Goddess of Love.
    • His paintings of this time had a magical and apocalyptic character, with hazy shapes and swirling draperies fading into the landscape.
    • Flowing draperies are not only cumbersome but actively dangerous.
    • She was bleached by being so much indoors, and looked very fragile in the costly simplicity of her black draperies as she entered.
    • Act II was danced before a simple but properly dreamy set of draperies.
    • Ceiling draperies delineated the claustrophobic furnace of the harem and its imprisoned occupants.
    • The bold foreshortening and the swirling draperies create an intensely dramatic composition.
    • The flying draperies of the half-clad figures behind them are of silk, unknown in the time of Heliogabalus.