Translation of drat in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dræt/ /drat/

See Spanish definition of ¡caray!


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    drat (it)! ¡caray! informal
    • drat him! ¡maldito sea!
    • She'd been obsessed with him, ever since, ever since… Oh I don't know, drat!
    • ‘Oh, drat,’ I muttered, doing my Victor Meldrew impression.
    • Drat and double drat - no AA batteries in the house.
    • Mind you, I'll be moving next month, so I'll be out of the neighbourhood - drat.
    • No, wait, that was her name… drat, I didn't write down the name.
    • We were going to head up the riverfront boulevard, but drat the luck: the driver noted that the tunnel beneath the bridge was three inches too short, and any attempt to go through the passageway would decapitate the people on the upper desk.
    • My life, drat the luck, is nothing but incremental improvements - and all these little modifications are so twitchy and unstable I have to buy service contracts for the day when they blow up.
    • Oh drat… did I make a mistake with the growing spell?
    • And drat the luck, the search got just odd enough to tip the anecdote to column status, but not great column status.
    • I scan 24 and get out the credit card - but the site is unable to accept orders at the moment, drat the luck.
    • I was thinking I'd be farther along in my nefarious plans before I got a super hero… drat it.
    • On preview: most of these have been mentioned already - drat having to work in the middle of posting!