Translation of draught excluder in Spanish:

draught excluder

burlete, n.


  • 1

    burlete masculine
    • One Sunday our neighbour says she's decided that it is me and could I please ask our landlord to fit draft excluders on our front door.
    • Three doors led off the third-floor landing; one to a toilet, one to the master bedroom and the third to the rest of the staircase, acting as a combined draught excluder and fire door.
    • Spell-checkers are the worst invention since sausage dog-shaped draught excluders and novelty doorbells.
    • By next December, I'll probably have big sausage-shaped draught excluders lying at the base of every door in my home, and both of my feet will be encased in one of those lovely snug all-in-one slippers.
    • She could not get out of the flat so I told her to put draft excluders at the bottom of the door and to lie on the floor.
    • That job done, I washed the paint brushes and set about replacing the draft excluders on all of my windows.
    • But they will also welcome some entirely new pals - Hissy Missy, a snake-shaped draught excluder, Tiffo, a stuffed dog, Orbie, a bouncing ball, and Bilbo, who sails a yacht on wheels.
    • Once, security x-rayed a suitcase and thought they'd found a snake; we found a draught excluder.
    • The interlining makes the fabric hang well and is a marvellous draught excluder.
    • I'd heard recently that musicians are much more likely to have an internal musical score but, since I'm about as musically talented as your average draught excluder, I don't see how that applies to me.
    • My immediate response was getting a friend round to block up the gaps under my doors with draught excluders.
    • I am therefore surprised to arrive at Hotel Galapagos on Santa Cruz, an hour or so later, to find one draped across my doorstep like a novelty draft excluder.