Translation of draughts in Spanish:


damas, n.

Pronunciation /dræf(t)s/ /drɑːfts/


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    (+ singular verb) damas feminine
    to play draughts jugar a las damas
    • If they get bored, the shed boasts a CD player, dart board and draughts.
    • To be less abstract, let us suppose a game of draughts where the pieces are reduced to four kings, and where, of course, no oversight is to be expected.
    • Once they'd finished their game of draughts, Jude and Josie began a game of cards.
    • They played chess faster than we play draughts.
    • This is the Community Games main fundraiser and you are asked to support… The teams are now picked for badminton, basketball, chess, indoor soccer, draughts and table tennis.
    • Sometimes, he'd set up a game of draughts for them to play and Jude was able to take his turn by feeling around the board for the pawns and deciding his moves.
    • They played all sorts of games: cards, draughts, and even charades.
    • This game is superior in complexity to English draughts by virtue of the fact that it is played on a board ten squares by ten squares and that capturing moves have an extended scope.
    • The Pub Challenge uses traditional and popular pub games such as darts, dominoes, draughts and Connect Four, and its organisers Pubmaster say it aims to promote a community spirit in its hostelries.
    • Of course there nothing stopping mum and dad enjoying the challenge of draughts, snakes and ladders or constructing a Duplo design.
    • Badminton, soccer, volleyball, basketball, draughts, table tennis, art and make and model are planned.
    • The highlights will, as always, be the athletics finals but Carlow will also be hoping for gold in draughts, Olympic handball and indoor soccer events with six teams competing.