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drawing board

tablero, n.

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    tablero masculino
    mesa de dibujo femenino
    • Since most of modern wars are fought less on the field and more on the drawing boards with paper and pencils, a lot of papers have been flying around.
    • With the rain keeping away for the day, the children, armed with drawing boards, paint, brushes and palettes, waited patiently for the 2002 edition of the competition to commence.
    • My designs have never got past the drawing board.
    • They filled the Jawahar Bal Bhavan and spread out on the lawns of the Public Gardens and the adjacent skating section as they set to work with their drawing boards and canvasses.
    • Contestant are being given plenty of advance warning to get out their drawing boards, their hammers and barrels and get working on their floating master pieces.
    • Considering that it is not only the land of the rising sun, but also one that has to keep earthquakes in mind, it should be interesting to look at what comes out of the drawing boards there.
    • Most never got beyond the drawing boards, and all were scrapped prior to the return of the UN inspectors last year.
    • Some came armed with T-scales, drawing boards, protractors and compasses.
    • No longer are they stuck to making pictures of cowboys on their drawing boards.
    • If you are a professional mathematician already at one of the drawing boards, then good luck to you.
    • The unfinished piece on his drawing board was a sketch of the Marx brothers (all of whom he had known personally).
    • Back to the drawing board, he did nothing for six months and then applied for a job as a postman in Reading, where Dawn's brother, Vince, had worked since leaving school.
    • I'm talking about pages that Mr. Kirby never actually did but which are being marketed as if they're off his drawing board.
    • Nine uniformed dragoons are standing around with the figure that is probably the architect, in frock coat and top hat concentrating on a drawing board.
    • Maybe Hirschfeld, who made it up while sitting in a barber chair in front of a drawing board, left a bit of his capacious spirit to inspire the rest of us.
    • John, with the help of fellow architect Joe Lawrence, got busy at the drawing board to create a home into which he injected plenty of mischief, as well as a hard and practical edge.
    • He worked for nearly six decades at the large table, with its angled drawing board and T-square, that had been made for him when he joined the staff.
    • The statement of claim has been completely struck out, and not only are they having to amend, they're going to have to start from the drawing board.
    • This one stars Rube and shows him at the drawing board and such.
    • They would have been smarter to get to the drawing board sooner.