Translation of drawl in Spanish:


hablar arrastrando las palabras, v.

Pronunciation /drɔl/ /drɔːl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hablar arrastrando las palabras

transitive verb

  • 1

    decir arrastrando las palabras


  • 1

    acento caracterizado por la longitud de las vocales
    a Southern drawl un acento sureño
    • Often with little difficulty, we can ‘translate’ the southern drawl or clipped Yankee accent.
    • Someone speaking in a drawl called out, interrupting her conversation with herself.
    • After forty years I can now control the appearances of my Texas accent, my one weakness being proximity to anyone with a strong drawl of their own.
    • Instead of the melodious tones of an Irish brogue, the exaggerated drawl of an angry young man spat from the earpiece.
    • Sometimes he delivers with a Dylanesque drawl, while other times his control over his distinct warble and his musical acumen creates an aural beauty of a different kind.
    • Miss Harris is pretty sprightly and talks faster than anyone I've met out here in the land of the slow drawl.
    • After a bit of Kiwi and Louisaiana accent fumbling… I got to hear the sexy drawl of another very special friend of mine.
    • He has a girlfriend over there, laps up very moment of the warm weather and has even softened his accent with the hint of a southern drawl.
    • ‘I was wondering if you'd do me a favor,’ Kimberly began, in a slow drawl.
    • Her incisive, anti-male insults, delivered in a southern drawl, gave her a prominent reputation and within a few years she had started to appear in guest roles on TV.
    • He was a cool drink of charcoal-mellowed whiskey with a slow drawl.
    • Ethan went on in a lazy drawl, as he concentrated on starting the car engine.
    • His dress was casual, and he looked not the least bit tired, except in the slow drawl of his voice.
    • He said this in a lazy drawl, enjoying the sight of her pink face as it turned red.
    • His British accent buried deep underneath a southern drawl, he commands this movie.
    • There is a laconic drawl, an ever so slight nasal twang to his voice.
    • And her accent, which had once sounded so alluringly foreign, had flattened into a quasi-American drawl.
    • His speech - marked with the hint of a drawl, languid like a stretching cat - was punctuated with another chuckle.
    • You struggled to understand Eddie - brilliantly mimicked by impressionist Mike Yarwood - who would suddenly lapse into an indecipherable drawl.
    • The 61-year-old mother of five and grandmother of seven is soft-spoken, with a pleasing drawl.