Traducción de dreadfully en español:


terriblemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈdrɛdfəli/

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  • 1

    (upset/late) terriblemente
    (upset/late) enormemente
    (write/sing) espantosamente (mal)
    (write/sing) fatal España coloquial
    I'm dreadfully sorry lo siento muchísimo / en el alma
    • it hurts dreadfully duele muchísimo
    • I am really, truly, extremely, dreadfully, horribly sorry!
    • His behaviour was terrible and I am dreadfully sorry that you were exposed to it.
    • I feel dreadfully sorry for her and I know Michael will be really upset about it.
    • I feel dreadfully sorry for Charlie and I know the whole village will be very upset.
    • I know a couple of English profs who, after reading this dribble, are dreadfully sorry they gave me an ‘A’.
    • Assured walls are in fact dreadfully thin and people wake each other up in the night all the time, and have no auditory privacy.
    • Make the rounds of talk shows, say how dreadfully sorry you are, maybe even sob a little.
    • I am dreadfully sorry for what happened in the boat today.
    • I am dreadfully sorry, but am I interrupting an important meeting?
    • I am dreadfully sorry for this inconvenience.
    • I'm dreadfully sorry to leave after hearing your story, but I am a politically active person, and I will start a petition or - or something!
    • ‘I'm dreadfully sorry, little one, but I've forgotten your name,’ he said to her.
    • I received many visits form the various nobility who told me how dreadfully sorry they were at my father's death.
    • I know it has been so long since I wrote, and I am so dreadfully sorry.
    • This remarkable movie gets dreadfully close to countless numbers of birds as they proceed through their yearly cycle of north and south migration.
    • There's no question that what has happened to her is dreadfully sad, but really she's a very extreme case - a tragic casualty.
    • Both events, one dreadfully sad, one wonderfully happy, illustrate the extremes to which we can be tested in our lives.
    • ‘I heard,’ Joey replied, sounding dreadfully serious, as if he'd heard that someone had died.
    • I was terrified, dreadfully unhappy and hated myself.
    • Although many times Sara had heard her say how dreadfully awful his company was.
    • But isn't it refreshing to be able to tell you about two clubs with a good news story - even though both are performing somewhere between disappointingly and dreadfully on the field?
    • It can be difficult when you miss your child all day to find they behave dreadfully when they get home.