Translation of dregs in Spanish:


posos, n.

Pronunciation /drɛɡz/

plural noun

  • 1

    posos masculine
    cunchos masculine Colombia
    conchos masculine Chile
    there are only the dregs left solo quedan los restos
    • he drained the bottle to the dregs apuró la botella
    • the dregs of humanity/society la escoria de la humanidad/sociedad
    • This fits directly below the machine, holds a container for coffee dregs and has space for a number of cups and saucers as well as filters and other accessories, all of which are dishwasher-proof.
    • Greeks also ‘knock wood’ to guard against misfortune, and reading one's fortunes in the patterns of coffee dregs remains popular.
    • ‘Oh well,’ I say, draining the dregs of my coffee.
    • ‘Well,’ he said, swishing the dregs of his coffee around in the glass contemplatively.
    • Adam threw away the dregs of his coffee and turned back to the house as the sound of Joseph's laugh trickled like sweet music through the stillness.
    • After draining the last few dregs of his coffee his watch told him it was almost 8: 00.
    • He drained the last of his coffee dregs and got up.
    • He swigged the dregs of his coffee, wiped the back of his hand across his moustache and typed in the headline.
    • Celly swallowed the bitter dregs of her coffee and tapped the phone against her thigh.
    • Why, he couldn't discern… he took a gulp of tea until only the dregs remained.
    • The mug went down with a thud upon the thick wooden table, the remaining dregs never to be touched again.
    • The violin has a sensual sound just like cafe mocha has a sensual taste - but like the bitter dregs at the bottom of a coffee cup, even the most soothing minstrels are a little harsh on the ears after, say, an hour.
    • When the cheese is used up, the dregs are allowed to brown on the bottom of the container and then scraped off and shared.
    • ‘Coffee ladies’ read fortunes in the dregs of a cup of coffee.
    • He downed the last of the coffee in one, closed the newspaper, rinsed the dregs out of the cup, and contemplated - not for the first time - that maybe he thought too much.
    • I swigged the dregs of my coke, crunching what remained of the ice cubes.