Traducción de dressmaker en español:


modista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdrɛsˌmeɪkər/ /ˈdrɛsmeɪkə/

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  • 1

    modista masculino, femenino
    (designer) modisto masculino
    (designer) modista femenino
    • At the same time there were harness makers, tailors, dressmakers, builders, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, watchmakers, saddlers, masons and carpenters.
    • More often than not, I must hire a dressmaker to alter my clothes.
    • At the time of the 1851 census in Britain, there were 268,000 milliners and dressmakers, as against 502,000 people working in cotton textile manufacture (including printing and dyeing).
    • As far as I knew not many dressmakers made clothes that would fit this tight.
    • He worked initially as an industrial draughtsman but from 1828 he earned his living in Paris with drawings of costumes for dressmakers and the theatre.
    • Along with dance lessons, there were trips and trips to the dressmaker to have my costumes made and fitted.
    • Men also do embroidery, particularly on men's gowns and caps, and work as tailors and dressmakers.
    • Expert tailors and dressmakers had been called in to make her dresses, for it was common agreement that none should outshine her in the coming celebration.
    • Agreeing to let a dressmaker sew you a blazer will only end in tears.
    • She's one of the best bridal dressmakers and also red carpet dressmakers.
    • For the rich, dressmakers produced the most fashionable garments which often required both machine and hand sewing.
    • But if you can't afford the king's ransom needed to buy one finger of a glove, then do what I did: take photos of the outfits and get a dressmaker to make them for you.
    • The cavernous hall is packed to the ducts with exhibitors: bakers, dressmakers, jewelers, DJs, hoteliers, videographers, mortgage brokers.
    • As recently as the fifties, most clothes were made by dressmakers.
    • The group consists of 3 families, including seven children and six adults, among them a mechanic, a dressmaker and a teacher, according to the National Justice Secretary.
    • Both my grandmothers worked for pay - one as a dressmaker and seamstress and the other as a children's nurse in an orphanage and eventually as a small businessperson.
    • He was the second oldest of nine children born to John and Mary Ann Quinn, a shoemaker and a talented dressmaker respectively.
    • Female solo costumes might seem overpriced until you consider that a dressmaker spends 80 to 120 hours on a single costume.
    • Luckily for me, Will's Grandmother was a professional dressmaker, and as such was willing to put my costume together.
    • One way we learnt decision making was through the visits of the dressmaker who came to the house and made our clothes.